• Greenleaf, The Grandless Finale
    I’d like to open this post by saying that I am grateful to the writers of Greenleaf. They took, initially, some subject matter that could have stayed in the Tyler Perry echelon of tv and elevated it to something even the harshest of critics (hi 
  • MYMovieAlogy: Fatal Love…Attraction…Affair…or Whatever
    Its time for my second or third movie review, where I watch and recap so you don’t have to! This edition of MYmovieAlogy is about Fatal Attraction or Fatal Love or Black Stars Doing Dumb Shit or whatever this latest Netflix offering is called. You 
  • Lowkey Cliche
    “Now here come all the armchair television writers” – some arrogant blue checker.   YEP!  HERE I AM, FROM MY COMFY ARMCHAIR!  GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS BITCH! Now, when I first arrived at Insecure Season 4, I sat down with my reefah and my notepad and 
  • Now Don Lemon, I’m Really Happy for You, and Imma let you finish, but….
    Man this orange piece of shit is really blowing the life out of us collectively, literally and figuratively.  Scan any form of social media or terrestrial media and at any moment you will definitely find someone cursing this shit out his name and wishing his mama 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.15 – The Grand(less) Finale.
    Well we’ve reached the end of the line kiddos…kinda. And what a ride it was. Remember Lobos – how funny he was? Remember when they used to have hot sex scenes on this show? Remember Shawn and his dumb ass face? Remember Milan and his 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.14 – The Tate Brothers
    I waited #24 hours to write and post this out of respect to one of the greatest to ever do it….Kobe – and all the others who perished, you will be missed. Larenz got LAHmaRD or whatever his name is, a job. A job where 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.13 Let it go or Let her go?
    Hey Kiddos, we are in the final stretch here, with two episodes to go before Aunt Mary and Zaddy Meth pick up the mantle and give us whatever Courtney Kemp has left to give in Power 2: Book of Ghost. But wait, before we do, 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.12 – Paz Be Still
    Seriously Paz, be still. Stopping running all over town with a gun in your bag, in a big ass coat that gotta have you stankin, making ugly faces….shits unseemly, b. WHOA. After such a phenomenal mid season debut, we have this fucking stinker of an 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.11 – Dre Day
    What’s up kiddos? First post of the year and decade! WHOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO! Watch out for me….to get totally uninspired and stop writing again – lol, who am I kidding? Consistency is not my strong suit and let’s be honest, Im not nearly as effective as 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.5
    DOES THE DNC STAND FOR DUMB NIGGA COMMITTEE? Im sorry, I just dont understand this storyline. Aside from Ramona wanting to fuck Ghost, there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to want him around. And at this point he even knows he shouldnt be around. 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.4
    MYA’S NOTE: Happy Friday from a blogger that should have written and published on Monday! Let me let yall in on something….Im a tv junkie…and its just too much shit on on Sundays. 90 Day Fiancee, Succession, The Affair, The Gemstones and Power…dis tew merch! 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.2 and 6.3 – 21 Questions
    In honor of Curtis Jackson’s directorial debut, I will co-opt his most (imo) bestest song and ask 21 questions about this declining show. How happy were we to hear the dulcet tones of Joe back where he belongs? How unhappy were we to see Rotimi’s 
  • Powerful Thoughts 6.1 – Murderers
    Remember how Ghost yelled at Dre, to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Well that was me yelling at the tv when I heard young Trigger wailing over Joe’s smooth croon, cept I was yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Im not gonna dwell on it, but can we start a gofundme for Joe 
  • Surviving R. Kelly – Episode 5 & 6 Thoughts
    First, and Im unsure where to start, I want to say these two things. These last two episodes literally brought me to tears. One of my good girlfriends said her 18 year old daughter had to sleep in a chair in her room because she 
  • Surviving R. Kelly – Episode 3 & 4 Thoughts
    Friday night brought about parts 3 & 4 of this harrowing tale. Here are my thoughts in the order they occurred. Andrea Kelly still confounds and confuzzles me about her being confounded and confuzzled. HOW didnt you know? HOW? He married Aaliyah and we all 
  • Surviving R. Kelly – Ep.1 Thoughts
    Last night a fearless team of women including, Dream Hampton, Jamilah Lemieux and Tarana Burke saw the fruits of the labor come to fruition in the form of the first two parts of a six part documentary called Surviving R. Kelly. Here’s some of my 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.10
    Where to start, where to start?  Cuz we all know how it ends….   The Feds are Dead But boy, didnt they have life for quite some time?  We open this ep right where the last one ended, with all the feds assembled in the 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.9
    Editor’s Note:  Thanks to all my social media friends that have not posted any season finale spoilers….cuz I heard they are out there.  Yall the real MVP and I can tell yall love us forreal.  If you did spoil it, find your mother and ask 
  • The Miseducation Continues
    Whoo chile….the miseducation! Yall know who lauryn is…I’ve written about my own horror story with her concert here and I am more than certain that you have your own and more than more than certain that if you are still guillable enough to buy concert tickets 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.8
    well damn. did the show we used to all love the hell out of return to form this week? yep! did dumb shit happen yep!  was ghost sporting a poopyface the whole ep? yep! did tariq still make us want to kill him! yep! but 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.7
    Editors note:  Today’s featured image is all things to me…so much so in fact that I used it instead of my regular Power photo. Listen, I know Im deliquent with these recaps, even skipping some weeks here and there, but cmon…yall watching what Im watching….you 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.5
    So, more than 1 of yall came at me bout last weeks missing installment.  I’d like to kindly direct you to Courtney Kemp and her meandering lackluster story.  Episode 4 was full of such nothingness for me, that I struggled to write it.  I was 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.3
    last week, I wanted to start the post with a joke bout how this show is juggling more balls than black chyna, but thats slut shaming so…………….. This week is all about T and A, and for all my T lovers, y’all winning! Sorry A 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.2
    Today’s Myalogy is dedicated to Kanan’s bubble denim coat, one of the only things to make it make sense on this here show of ours…..thine eyes have not seen… A Mother’s Grief I’ve never really been a fan of hers, but at this point in 
  • Powerful Thoughts 5.1
    Yall know who it is, and yall know what it is!  It’s time to recap our fave show with our fave characters (and some not so fave) doing dumb things!  Get the strap!  Its Powerful Thoughts! Firstly, I’d like to say I very much enjoyed 
  • The Muthaeffing White House Correspondents Wine Mixer Dinner
    Cuz clearly you fools skim thru current events and politics without listening to it. Im literally confused.  I dont know where to start.  All the capin over diaperbooty’s baby favah’s white is rightdom.  All the black people that want a rapist to be free cuz 
  • We Need to Talk About Kanye
  • Who Bit Beyonce: A Myalogy Mystery
    I mean what the fuck. Yall know that I do NOT care, cuz I am strictly #navy but, never let it be said about me that I do not have my finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist. I thought by the time I 
  • We Need to Talk About Safaree
    Only something as big and massive as Safaree’s dick could jolt me out of my horror induced sabbatical from Myalogy.  And jolt me that muthafucka did. Late last week Safaree Samuels, heretofore known as Nicki Minaj’s ex, had his privacy intruded in such a way 
  • A Requiem for Print
    I read, therefore I write. – Mya Now you can interpret the word “read” in the above as past or present tense, but the fact is, the only reason I ever developed a love of writing is because I read first. My mother was an 
  • Before I Gave Kendu, The Remix
    My outrage couldn’t let me just repost my original piece, as was my first inclination.  I had to update this, cuz this ape faced muthafucka wants an additional THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER MONTH from our Queen.  This trash heap originally requested $129,319, but only 
  • Sweet Nothings
    NOTE:  If you are a huge Queen Sugar fan, you are going to want to watch the video at the end.  And I don’t mean huge like “I watch every week.”  I mean HUGE.  That’s all I can say….. Hey Y’all Hey! This is not 
  • Most of Us, Too
    I am a daughter , a niece, a sister, an aunt – to men.  So what you are about to read will not be a full scale indictment on men, but it’s definitely about them, because they are from whom my experiences hail.  Harvey Weinstein, 
  • We Need to Talk About…Ralph Angel
    Not Kofi, so get your knickers out your crack and chill your vaginas… Look at him up there…looking like he read my piece and is ready to break a foot off in me. I’m talmbout Ralph Angel, the prototype of the angry black man – 
  • Insecurities 2.8 – The Finale
    I (handclap emoticon) FUCKING (handclap emoticon) LOVED(handclap emoticon) THIS (handclap emoticon) EPISODE. It was so surreal.  Like a fever dream.  Like my favorite dream-state episodes of the Sopranos that most people hated.  I was distracted when it first came on, so I missed the whole 
  • Insecurities 2.7
    Welcome Myalogists, to the Worst Dinner Party in life, where I have created my own font, so y’all know where to sit. Are you there God? It’s Me Issa. If you are, please give me strength…and a cleaning service. Our girl needs Jesus like no 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.10
    Myalogists:  I want y’all to understand, before we start, that all the events below happened in ONE DAY. Y’all, did our dear Courtney achieve the up-until-now impossible? Did she make us like Tariq? Or at least respect him? Reign of Tariq Reign?  Raina? Rain? Reign? 
  • We Need to Talk About…Ogling
    Now, please be advised, this ain’t a hate piece, its a real piece.  Real, cuz I’m real real real real real tired of seeing grown men act like they are not used to nice things. Now, I admit, due in part to the rep I 
  • Insecurities 2.6
    The title of the week’s episode is Hella Blows, but I submit it should have been named Hella Blown, cuz that’s how I felt after watching it. Who wrote this?  Who?  The oldest white woman in the room bringing her thoughts of the urban “female” 
  • Insecurities 2.5
    Love, or something, is EVERYWHERE this episode! Daniel <3’s Issa Oh boy.  This boy is headed for some major heartbreak – and everyone can see it coming except him.  He was everywhere for her this episode.  Opening his front door for a daylong romp. (Can 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.9
    Saturday night I attended the bbq of someone whose food I love ALMOST more than I love him.  I got to the party late and could only get one of his world famous (or at least south side famous) chicken burgers, which I promptly wrapped 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.8
    First, I want to open up this recap giving a shout out to the moron that posted that screenshot of Sandoval in a pool of blood from the leaked episodes.  I wish your dad had been as quick as you and pulled out and leaked 
  • Insecurities 2.4
    This week, we see yet another cautionary tale bout messin with YT womins…..but later for that.  I wanna talk about the true star of this episode: Kelly. Dear Kelly,  Thank you for joining Molly and Issa at Kiss n Grind. Thank you for pouring out 
  • Insecurities 2.3
    Dear Tasha,  I apologize. I still don’t really like you.  And your face still looks like you had some development issues in utero, but I am sorry for looking at you thru main chick eyes instead of just regular ol’ trying-to-make-it-the-best-way-we-know-how woman eyes.  XOXO, M.  
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.7
    Telling y’all right now – you’re gonna be mad at me.  I’m warning you.  I had empathy for Young Riq last night.  Well really Saturday, cuz I’m a nerd with ZERO LIFE who watches at the stroke of midnight.  ANYWAY….. As some of you may know, Executive 
  • New Colonia: Reparations Realized
    I lied.  I did.  I lied to y’all.  I didn’t mean to, but I did.  It wasn’t even my fault, but I did.  It happened. An entry or ten ago, I wrote about how rage-filled I was about the new show from the Game of 
  • Insecurities 2.2
    “You hongry?” NOT AS MUCH AS YOU ARE THIRSTY, YOU THIRSTY SAHARA SPIRITED ARID TONGUED HEFFA! Got my pressure up and shit with that shit.  I hate this chick I hate this chick I hate this chick, Bart Simpson on the chalkboard level hate this 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.6
    Fuck it. Imma just start calling show creator Courtney Kemp by her new name – The Undertaker.  This mofo’n lady killing folks off like flies!  Now go grab your fancy internet boutique dress and your MKMKMKMKMKMK Kors bag and pull out ya baby daddy’s oversized 
  • Tony Mooch What They Call Him
    I’d like to say that things have officially gotten outta hand, but that happened last November.  Since then, the shitshow on Pennsylvania Avenue never ceases to amaze and disappoint.  That basket of deplorables has given us – in the media, purveyors of pop culture and 
  • Insecurities 2.1
    Dear Myalogists, I do watch more than Power. And to prove it, we are gonna start recapping a show we should have recapped loooooong ago, when its creator, ISSA RAE, begged me too.  Or maybe I told her excitedly that I was gonna recap her 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.5
    OH MY LAWWWWWWWD LAWD LAWD LAWD MMHHHHMMMMMMM COURRRRRRTTTTTNEY!  Ms. Kemp you done did your thing this week.  After a season opening that’s left me kinda unmotivated to write, you kicked a muthafuckas teeth in several times.  I apologize Madame Showcreator, I shalt not underestimate you 
  • Justine Did Not Have to Die, but Neither Did Sandra
      “To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.” – James Baldwin Every time we collectively live through the horror of the police shooting black folks down or skipping off scott free 
  • Myalogy, First of Her Name, House of Nope
    Inevitably, Myalogists, that which I love will always make a fool of me.  A couple of posts ago I wrote about my love of HBO and how they were loving on black women – just a passing them out shows left and write — HEY! 
  • White is Wrong, Til We Are
    TRIGGER WARNING:  If you are stupid, ur gonna be offended. Them Kardashian’s and they black-girl-build-a-bodies. Miley trying to twerk. Black women been twerking for years. Boxer Braids?  Them is cornrows. They wanna be us so bad.   Hugh Hefner did it.  Why they coming after Bill? 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.4
    We’re in this together. That’s not only the title of this episode, but a line that is spoken by nearly all of the characters: Angie to Tasha, Tasha to Jamie, Procter to Jamie and Tommy to Proctor.  Last week, I briefly mentioned the mirrored dialogue in 
  • HBO <3's Black Women
    I live for television.  Anyone that knows me knows that.  Some of my favorite music, quotes, and fashions come from television – ironically enough HBO.  True Blood gave me Lady.  Tony Soprano taught me to stop OldBoyfriend™ when he starts with that “remember that time 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.3
    Three eps in and I think a clearer picture is starting to form. We got a number of questions answered and I learned why I should stop <redacting> during the show as I be NOT understanding some things….so this recap will have a correction or 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.2
    Mea Culpa, Myalogists, the re-entry of summer and daydrinking  familial obligations is standing between us and greatness when it comes to timeliness on this here blog.  Now that we’ve gotten past the 4th falling in the middle of the week, sobriety normalcy shall ensue.  With my 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.1
      New Season, Same Lateness.  But I’se here.  Thank God.  I’se HERE! And so are all your faves, (YAY, Lakesha!) and some of your not so faves (Is Angela not dead yet?)  So for my faithful Myalogists, I was right in my vaguest review ever, 
  • Powerful Thoughts 4.0
    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’ve been quite neglectful of this space for a momentito.  Trying to get some ducks in a row; make a dollar out of fifteen cents; find an exit route from indenture servitude, and get a window seat, cuz adulting has been too real lately.