Just Like What? 2.5

Welcome to Just Like What? THEE definitive And Just Like That Recap….that only bout 5 people read, but its definitive, nonetheless, MKAY?

Listen, 2 seasons and 5 episodes in and I finally recognized the show I used to love. Listen a penis pump was not only seen and used but most hilariously HEARD. I rarely laugh out loud despite typing LOL on things, but yall – I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I actually laughed or smiled at a number of things this week. LETS GO SEASON 2 of AND JUST LIKE THAT!

Starting with Miranda’s threesome and Harry’s Ghost sperm not being sprayed on Charlottes tetas last week’s trend of the sex being put back in the city continues this week! Everyone is getting dick. Seema you get dick! Professor Lady you get dick! LTW got dick from her husband who pulled out his George Washington costume from his time on Broadway as the first president in Hamilton for a lil cosplay! You twee freaks! Carrie, your uptight ass woulda got some dick if the man it is attached to wasnt married to a man just as crazy and co-dependent as he!

Charlotte: cute story line and even cuter vintage ralph, but Ill let Cline talk to yall bout dat. Rock got scouted by a Ralph Lauren agent and became a model….Charlotte was all yay and Harry was all nay! Charlotte won out. This story line I loved because dont we all love Harry? And Harry in a bad wig? And Harry in a bad wig, who knows its a bad wig but still loves it? Yeah. His interaction with the photog was funny and the way he peaced out made me smile. I dont know how this show got me to care about a storyline with one of these kids, but kudos!

Miranda was Miranda-ing all over this episode. She has NEVER been one of my favorites, and any of yall that bought an “im a miranda” shirt, back in the day, I hope you’ve healed <3 – cuz yall girl has NOT. Che, who Miranda was never suited for, is figuring out that they dont really know each other. And what she is learning she may not like so much. One is nocturnal, one isnt. One is open to threesomes, the other gets muscle spasms during them. One gives a fuck about her kid, one could but doesnt. It was nice to see Miranda being able – at least in the moment – of giving Che the space she so desperately needed after getting her asshole ripped apart by that focus group – which ouch! I know Che was flying high and America loves a downfall, but to see your life’s trajectory torn apart by folks that cannot and sadly can relate has to hurt. I dont necessarily want to see Miranda back with Steve, but I also dont want to see her unhappy and shrinking herself -further – for a relationship.

SEEMA, you sexy bitch you! Can I tell you I love this character? Her and her penis pumping man! I loved how her arc touched on the challenges of dating as a person of a certain age. I loved how she wasnt deterred by him revealing that he had ED. I loved that he came – literally – with his penis pump. And yall already know that I loved the sound that penis pump made when he put it on. And I love how she didnt care that he put it on. I love her high level discussion about why she wanted to continue to see him. I love that she didnt freak out when he didnt make her come. I love that she just pulled out her vibrator. I love that she didnt care when he got offended. I love that she turned up the speed over his objections. I love that she let him go, so that she could come! I LOVE SEEMA

Carrie: okay miss girl….done accidentally found a man to get up under! She causes a man to fall off his bike and then proceeds to act in a way that if that man acted, she woulda called the law. Taking him to the urgent care was cool and thoughtful, showing up at his door – uninvited and unannouced with 17 soups and commenting on his station in life, just doing all the shit that women do and think makes them endearing, but seems stalkerish and over reaching when men do it. He’s completely irresponsible and overwhelmed, if not wealthy and successful and doesnt really have the bandwith to incorporate carries box into his circle. She gets up outta his crib mid make out session and on to the next….sex – hopefully

That’s Facts

  • why is Miranda shopping at a thrift store for a bed. I dont even know what job she currently has, but Im sure its IKEA money.
  • how dare they do an halloween episode and make it so lackluster – sans harry’s wig. halloween is a national treasure, it deserved better.
  • anthony’s exchange with his straight on the inside, gay on the inside exchange was weird and unecessary.
  • I thought old Mirando was gonna jump out and shame Carrie for agreeing to whore herself out in a hotel lobby but im glad she decided to clamp that yap!
  • three women with the collective age of 976 sitting around talking bout how many dicks they’ve seen and color me surprised, the sex columnist dont wanna say…snore.
  • Did seema and penis pumper go back to his house or does he have a travel case for it?
  • Miranda and Professor lady gonna be roomies. The new laverne and shirley, um okay.
  • Why did Carries guy keep answering the phone on facetime and showing her on it. Fucking boomers.
  • and Miranda’s out here, dont worry, that lens I look through to judge you, I’ve turned on myself. I was a self proclaimed Carrie, but boy….she is the worst character on ths show….and I still love her. <3

previews for next week look like we better get ready for the return of Aiden!

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