September 2017

Insecurities 2.8 – The Finale

I (handclap emoticon) FUCKING (handclap emoticon) LOVED(handclap emoticon) THIS (handclap emoticon) EPISODE. It was so surreal.  Like a fever dream.  Like my favorite dream-state episodes of the Sopranos that most people hated.  I was distracted when it first came on, so I missed the whole “30 Days” title card.  I’m watching the shit, like why …

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Insecurities 2.7

Welcome Myalogists, to the Worst Dinner Party in life, where I have created my own font, so y’all know where to sit. Are you there God? It’s Me Issa. If you are, please give me strength…and a cleaning service. Our girl needs Jesus like no other this episode.  This was literally one loss after another …

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Powerful Thoughts 4.10

Myalogists:  I want y’all to understand, before we start, that all the events below happened in ONE DAY. Y’all, did our dear Courtney achieve the up-until-now impossible? Did she make us like Tariq? Or at least respect him? Reign of Tariq Reign?  Raina? Rain? Reign?  No?  Skip y’all. Our junior hero opens up the show …

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