Month: February 2017

Fraud? Not the Quad.

Question, Have you ever settled in after a long day, your Pope wine glass/popcorn bowl in front of you, alpaca/llama/german shepard throw askew your body, glued to the tv to watch your favorite show – the one where the scrappy heroine walks to the train station, boards the train, hits up the starbucks, enters her …

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MyMoviealogy – Strange Thing About the Johnsons

“What the fuck did I just watch?” “I feel scared.” “I don’t know that I have the mental fortitude to watch this.” “Oh God.” “OH GOD!” “WHY ARE YOU CRYING?” (In response to a crying emoji.) What follows is the story of how the first MyMoviealogy post came to be. I was sittin, chilling, minding …

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