Writer, News Junkie, Blogger, TV and Gym Shoe Addict

Hi! Hey! You reading this, thats me over there, barely clad, with only a laptop to shield me – a photograph I may regret one day, but today is not that day.  Anyway, I’m Mya.  The sole blogger at this here blog so all the thoughts you read are totally mine and mine alone and anyone that has the good fortune to employ me at the time of this reading, bears any responsibility for them.

I, like Michelle Obama, am a girl of the south side of chicago, who spent some time matriculating on the genteel shoreline of eastern Virginia before getting a good dirty south degree and then went on to spend some time in radio in NYC followed by a stint in Texas Politics before moving up the ranks of Chicago media. Basically I’ve done alot without being particularly good enough or interested enough in anything outside my own voice, which is where this blog enters the picture.

Like I said up top, I watch A LOT of TV, like an inordinate amount. I read alot.  I go to cool places sometimes. I get upset and like to rant about shit.  You will read about all the aforementioned HERE.

Thanks for stopping by kiddos!