October 2017

Before I Gave Kendu, The Remix

My outrage couldn’t let me just repost my original piece, as was my first inclination.  I had to update this, cuz this ape faced muthafucka wants an additional THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER MONTH from our Queen.  This trash heap originally requested $129,319, but only – ONLY – got $30k, after destroying his marriage by …

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Sweet Nothings

NOTE:  If you are a huge Queen Sugar fan, you are going to want to watch the video at the end.  And I don’t mean huge like “I watch every week.”  I mean HUGE.  That’s all I can say….. Hey Y’all Hey! This is not a recap – so don’t look for any insight or …

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Most of Us, Too

I am a daughter , a niece, a sister, an aunt – to men.  So what you are about to read will not be a full scale indictment on men, but it’s definitely about them, because they are from whom my experiences hail.  Harvey Weinstein, not unlike Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Bill O’Reilly, and Roger …

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