NOTE:  If you are a huge Queen Sugar fan, you are going to want to watch the video at the end.  And I don’t mean huge like “I watch every week.”  I mean HUGE.  That’s all I can say…..

Hey Y’all Hey! This is not a recap – so don’t look for any insight or deep thoughts. All you can expect from my Sweet Nothings franchise is the bullshit that runs through my head during the show.  So I don’t wanna hear NO SHIT bout what I didn’t cover, nor address.  #letsgo

  •  Aunt Vi ol’ sage ass.  Staying out of RA and Darla’s wedding.  #loveshe
  • “Not if we ain’t playing out the same playbook!” SAY THAT SHIT NOVA.
  • Whose zoomin who, Davis? Wanting that ol thing back face fool.
  • “Father Neglect” done hit up the Brown Sugar Fest, y’all.
  • Scrabble Date Bitches! <3
  • Robert Foreman is fine as fuck.
  • Micah!  Boy you better text me when you finna walk thru my gotdamn door with your punk ass daddy!
  • Speaking of punk ass daddies, Davis could you leave?
  • Okay, thanks for the tips Davis, now again, could you leave?
  • Um, no thanks but Imma kid, so Imma call you Mr. West.  Who raised you Davis?
  • Landry done shut down the damn roads.  Do he have Jesus on the Mainline? Cuz he made it rain that day too.
  • oh RA, men be ready to do anything until they hear what anything entails.
  • Ra? Nova?  Y’all know damn well how Davis hoe ass knows Tamar Judith.
  • Speaking of which, Charlie aint like that shit.  Sitting in the corner, watching her sing over her glasses, eating her banana? Nah, she didnt like that shit at all.
  • I wanna see great things for Darla.
  • Come thru Ms. Kiki Raymond Shepard!
  • Nova better get with Robert and get their Mary Matalin and James Carville on.
  • Oh wait…James accepts Mary just as she is, unlike Robert…never mind.
  • “I shouldn’t have to disappear into you to make it work” – strumming my pain with his fingers
  • “You’re a good man, but you’re no good for me.” – singing my life with his words
  • “I don’t need you to dream for me.” – killing me softly with his song
  • Tamar may not be a big deal, but Robert Foreman is, Davis.  IN YOU FACE TWO TIMES.
  • Dis nigga sorry. #foh


Oh Lordt, is these people not finna make it to the altar?  Prolly not huh?



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