September 2016

Powerful Thoughts 3.9

I’d like to open this recap with the following statement meant to convey my maturity and lack of hubris: I TOLD YALL MUTHAFUCKASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  THE RETURN OF GHOST AND T.  Ahem….. Penultimate episode here, which I felt was anything but ultimate, but hey…….im here to report and judge the show, not write it.  I will say …

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Powerful Thoughts 3.8

PASTY WHITE BUTT SEX. Courtney, didn’t we have a conversation about making us watch these sad barftastic vomitorius sex scenes?  Two weeks after you save us from Holly’s bony white ass, we gotta see Gregex P. Keaton’s bony white ass? Clearly further re-direction is needed. Let’s talk soon. With the season coming to a too …

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