Powerful Thoughts 3.10 ~ FINITO ~

Well Powerfans, we’ve reached the conclusion of the third season. It felt very much like the second season of the wire to me….the “white” season, which on the surface, the first time around, was a nuisance and a distraction from my beloved towers and corner boys, but upon the conclusion of the series, stands up against any other season, except maybe the school system/kids season. I’m hoping that once its all said and done, this third season just seems like a sort of shit show, but once the story is concluded, will assume its rightful place in my perspective.

Editor’s Note: Please know, I woke up at 6am Sunday morning, and discovered the world as I knew it had changed….this got damn episode was NOT on Comsucksfinity or whatever they calling themselves these days onDemand. I. WAS. LIVID. To the Facebook I go, and see folks commenting….WTF? Bada boom, bada bing, abracadabra, threats for passwords, I saw it. And still wrote this review three days later….I am a loser.

Anyway, in the words of Stringer Bell, lets get to it muthafuckas……

Here Lies Gregex P. Keaton

We open the show with Gregex showing up to the site where Ruiz’s body is found and retrieving the button recorder which has captured Tommy running his trap too damn much and killing Ruiz and his dumb hat. Cut to Greg in his office, cueing up the recorder when he is interrupted by some black dude I dont remember seeing before, who starts checking him for not reporting Ruiz’s death. Gregex rushes dude off, leaves and drops in on Nick Nolte, Homeland Security™, who breaks it to him that the tapes are inadmissible. He is not deterred, he feels like he can get folks to flip on each other. He first tries his bullshit with Ghost, who seems to have recovered some brain cells cuz he tells Greg he aint going…if he had something he would have arrested him. FOILED AGAIN MR. KEATON! He eturns home only slightly defeated, calls over Agent Sandoval and begins to tell him how he got the goods on Angie, Tommy and Ghost when he is interrupted by a phone call – its the Federales, calling to say, that they havent been in communication with anyone in his office, regardless of the fact that Sandoval said one of his tips regarding Lobos came from them. RUH ROH. Greg, now remembers Sandoval leaving Hugo’s crib and confronts him with this information, assuring him that they can make it alright if he just surrenders himself. Trump got these white men thinking they can save the world and make it great again, but who they cant save is themselves. Sandoval has not one second of time for that flimflam…..him and his silencer are gonna silence Greg permanently. He shoots and kills Greg and leaves the dirty Lobos burner phone in Greg’s desk. Agent Clarice Starling’s case is now officially closed. Gregex P. Keaton goes down as the mole.

All Lean is Not Created Equal

Tariq, (god is he still alive?) is yes, Mya, still alive and still hanging out with Kanan, who puts Tariq to the test to see if these hoes are indeed loyal…and SUPRISE CBreezy, they are. He tells Tariq to drop a package off to someone who seems to be an undercover officer. He cuffs Tariq and puts him in the back of a squad car driven by the biggest mama of them all, Jukebox. They aggressively question him, but he wont break. Kanan interrupts the interrogation and is visibly pleased by his lil pup. They all go back to dearly departed Meemaw’s crib for a celebratory round of lean, which is, according to Jukebox, mixed differently in DC than NYC. This superlean knocks Tariq clean out, while they decide what to do with him. Kanan wants to just have him break into his homies crib and make him a professional thief, but Juke has other designs….she wants to ransom, as a verb, Tariq, get Ghost to pay and still kill his kid, breaking him in his pockets and his heart. Kanan reluctantly (HUH? You killed your own son and was JUST bout to throw a baby out a window -literally) agrees and he and a comatose Tariq pose for a very rapey picture, which they promptly text to Tasha, who has just returned home from Truth and is desperately trying to reach an unreachable Ghost.

The Best Laid Plans

Our “hero” does have a plan and it includes him becoming the Black Spiderman to break into Greg’s crib to retrieve the recorder, after he sees Greg at the Ruiz murder scene. No sooner than he scales the fire escape and enters Greg’s apartment thru a window, does he find his dick FIRMLY in the dust…….He sees Angies drawls (draws?) and I am unable to can stop laughing….I love seeing folks catch the vapors…Its my PLEASURE. He looks up and sees the evidence wall targeting him and is completely broken. Just then Angie enters, he hides, and attempts to make a smooth getaway when she leaves, but — not gonna happen. He has to take off his pesky gloves to close Gregs window and make as much noise as possible while making his exit. Dropping shit down four stories, losing his Spidey sense and he aint even get what he came for. Shameful. He later meets up with Tommy and it appears Tommy is on his side, although I cant say I would be at this point. He tells Ghost that Milan plans to kill him later that night at Truth after he signs the Karen contracts, so they can continue business as usual with Dre at the helm of Truth. Fast forward to party time and everyone looking all shaaaaaab and happy, even Tasha, whose weave is remains a case. Ghost meets with Karen to sign the papers, under Milan’s watchful eye. Milan thinks its go time and steps to Ghost, ready to make his move, when Ghost tells him his time on top is short like leprechauns (I miss you Big)…look around, you surrounded. Dre’s hired-for-the-night goons got Milan’s crew hemmed up, and when Milan’s bitch wants to step to, Tasha is right there, having her HUZZZZZZZZBAND’s back. Not today Tatiana. Ghost and Tommy get Milan to his warehouse where he gets two to the head (I think, it was 6am and I was <redacted>). Tommy is the man now and Ghost is free for now……he returns to the club triumphant, standing atop his perch, grinning at his victory. He sees Angie enter the club and rushes to her to assure her they are safe and can be happy together now…..Angie has other plans….after investigating Greg’s apartment and finding Ghost’s fingerprints on his window, she arrests James St. Patrick for the murder of Agent Greg Knox.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • “Maybe you can just start a group text to keep us all aware of your fuckups.” – say that shit Attorney Turtle.
  • 8 minutes into the show: TOO MUCH GREG
  • Ghost really aint been watching the news lately….he gave Gregex his outside voice during the traffic stop. White PoLIcE dont like that.
  • 21 minutes and 2o seconds into the show: TOO MUCH GREG
  • Why the Federales keep talking even after Greg said he aint need them no more? Jeez. Talk too much wit they talking ass.
  • 21 minutes and 40 seconds into the show: PROBLEM SOLVED. RIP Gregex P. Keaton. You wont be missed.
  • LOL at Tasha telling Ghost that Tommy doesnt want him out the game. He aint the only one, Thotianna.
  • Why Tasha snapping at Tommy when he tells her that he has ALTOGETHER NOW: a plan. Alot of the fuckshit that has happened this year has been her fault for going against her husband. Now you Superwife…girl bye.
  • WTF would Angie go back to Greg’s apartment after all the books were closed on all the cases and investigations? Dont you have enough problems?
  • Did Saxe just run up on Angie like “MY TURN!” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA #whatsinthatfile
  • Were yall thinking that Dre’s homies were gonna cause some problems at Truth?? Oh that was just me thinking that? Fine.
  • Why does Tommy now need to sell drugs at Truth? They never did before.
  • How did Tommy win the trust of Milan’s goons? And dont tell me NATHAN bout Milan treating them bad. Wanting Milan out is not the same as wanting Tommy in.

What will happen next? Will Ghost make bail? Is Keisha dead? Is Lobos? Will Kanan have jail love with Tariq while he’s under the influence? Will Juke’s braids still be in style next summer? Will Tasha’s mom reappear? Who’s gonna have sad sex with Angie now? Is Dre’s daughter gonna get her wings? Will Tasha’s weave become great now that Court and Co have been signed thru Season 5?
Editors Second Note: To keep myself writing and you entertained, I think Im gonna do a series rewind and recap the entire series from start to finish. Would you suggest this spot to a friend that did want to start watching?  That way the HERBS can catch up on this fun assed show and we can relive some moments we cant quite remember, like me not knowing who the fuck is bald head black agent dude.  

Whatchall think?



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