Snowflakes 6.3 & 6.4

The superbowl, the snow, a quick trip and my reefah addiction all conspired to make one of these recaps late as hell and the other right on time…. I’d be remiss, as a fake cinemaphile (is that a word) to not mention the drop dead gorjus camera work in episode 3…The Door of No Return …

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YEP. Lets slide on the D….Detroit ya filthy animals. So after skipping the first season as myalogists know i am wont do to, lets start here. Meech: is a one man leadership Team now that Terry is fully part of a transportation company with his dumb ass daddy (more on him later) and HE’S A …

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Tariq’s Trials

Why Monet think so little of you that she has to have one of her kids babysit you while she goes shopping for big assed earrings (of which I own a pair so its all love with me and MJB and Simone Todd Smith)? Cuz you dumb thats why.