Snowflakes 6.3 & 6.4

The superbowl, the snow, a quick trip and my reefah addiction all conspired to make one of these recaps late as hell and the other right on time….

I’d be remiss, as a fake cinemaphile (is that a word) to not mention the drop dead gorjus camera work in episode 3…The Door of No Return . That shot alone of SincereLEE looking out across the ocean brought tears to my eyes. And their wedding? Man lissen….

SincereLee: oh how our boy has grown since season 1 where he lived miles from an ocean he never saw. Now here is in Africa, along with Wanda, thriving not just surviving. He soon goes thru what seems like survivors remorse – he has a better life, a safer life, but is plagued by who and what he left behind and his role in the conditions of LA. Last season was a transformative one for him and if it transformed his spirit, it definitely left his brains out of it. What the hell Lee? I mean really. Why would you take Wanda back to the got damn projects? Crack every damn where…dont you got some money? Yall couldnt get a place? Stay at The Saint residence? Get a no-tell motel? And my GOD, bless Wanda’s SOUL…..she aint for this world no more. Im happy Cissy offered her a purpose in working at Alton’s shelter. She cant just be sitting in the projects all damned day protecting crackheads from spray paint. In my second what the hell Lee moment: why that man go fight Big D over some street lights and not over him calling your WIFE community pussy? I mean you aint kill him so clearly there’s gonna be some pushback. I get the frustration, but who you mad at Lee? Cuz it aint Big D…sounds like you shoulda took a page from your LA brethren Trey Stylez and fought the air.

The Saint: ooooh im not liking seeing my G so outta control and off his square. Firstly, dont ever curse at my mom. NOT EVER. Secondly, well it aint no secondly, cuz yo ass aint finna cuss at my got damn mama. The Saint is wounded and wounded animals are scary…and I cant even blame him. After a 3’s company type ruse that involved a sec-a-terry and an old ass nikon camera, the Saint is no closer to getting his money and he cusses Lady Saints momma CLEAN OUT. He is surrounded by people he cant fully trust, as evidenced by how long he held that gun on Lee when he arrived to the door with a sack of burgers. His money is running so low, he has resorted to cooking crack again, something his Mr. Belvidere suit suggests he is light years away from doing. Another thing he aint gonna do is let this empire crumble on his watch.

Jerome and Louie: Well this shit certainly hasnt calmed down at all. The couple, who also were not thrilled to see Lee nor his wedding gift, are still out for blood! They let Lee know aint no more family and it looks like they want him to heed The Saints advice and also pick a side. Benefitting from Franklin’s return to the street and the fit of righteous indignation that lead to him burning one of Kane’s folks faces, they find out where Kane is hiding. Turns out folks dont like their faces burned by folks they dont really know and that dislike will lead to them turning on folks that dont really care about their face getting burned. They dont know The Saint is there, but that woulda just been an added bonus, to have him die in the attempt on Kane’s life. Luckily for both Kane and The Saint, they manage to get the drop on the hittas and get the hell outta there.

OSO and Teddy Reed: yall, I’d dont give this part of the story the attention I should so maybe when its all said and done, I will re-watch and fast forward thru The Saint parts and focus solely on Teddy Reed. Anyhoo, they went to Panama for something and then something went wrong down there and then they got on the plane and found a screw that somehow teddy reed knew to unscrew (huh, unscrewing a screw) then found a piece of paper that was written in Russian and boom pow zing, he knows about Rueben, and who Rueben works for, which one of Ruebens balls he likes tickled and where Rueben is gonna be…which at this point is on the barstool next to Oso. That damn Teddy Reed man…give him his Mensa certificate NOW. My beloved Oso is in the hardest of places….on the outs with his lady, in bed with the DEA to bring down Teddy Redd and being courted by the KGB for the same reasons as the DEA and he’s got 24 hours to make something happen. I do not envy this man at all.

– COOK NIGGA! I fucking LURVE when The Saint gets to hollering at people
– How Kane and The Saint know that car was coming up the alley was a friendly one?
– Again, dont curse at my mama
– Leon, you betta have a plan cuz Craig was still hiding from Debo after kicking his ass in the street
– Wanda. if this man dont find you betta living accommodations, then leave his ass.
– Im glad that alot of scenes that were in the trailer breakdown are coming out in the early episodes – at this point we just need to see the house burning down scene.

Whatchall think?

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