Let’s take this ride, Myalogists, as we dry Unc’s one lone gangsta tear….

Wanda: Wanda Bell, you in trouble, Girl. SincereLEE is gone and LuhLee has returned, and that shit hurt like fuck. We pick right back up where we left them last week, LuhLee down but definitely not out. He done Craig’ed the Deebo of the projects and is preparing himself to assume a leadership position amongst the bitter thieves. They come to his door and demand he take over or step aside, cuz everyone got to eat. This leads Lee to hold court in the courtyard and announce his return and assert his dominance. To see Lee go from sitting in awe in our ancestral homeland to two weeks later calling people bitch ass pussies made me tear up harder than Wanda. Our dear sweet Wanda, again, why this naker got her living in the jects, where she will never again know value, love, respect or safety. Why is he doing this to her? She is fighting with all her might to maintain her sanity and he plops her back in a situation where the odds are not in her favor. Im rooting so hard for her…but now Im re-watching and Im wondering why Ms. Wanda Bell aint doing nothing to advocate for herself. She told lee she aint wanna come back, she can tell him she wanna go back.

Unc: I want to call him a victim of this drug shit, but at the end of the day, aren’t we all a victim of it? SEE JAYZ’s ALLURE But in the show, he’s been the most reluctant from the start…telling franklin to beat it when he came to the crib with the key, giving louie hell when he found out about the CIA connect, pushing back on the country cousins, not REALLY wanting to kill his baby nephew etc. But money CAN be the root of all evil. Big D comes to see Louie and Jerome to demand that they not do any business with Leon and they laugh in his face and let him know business is business and Leon money spend just like his. After disrepecting Louie, D is invited by Unc to sit for a spell for a drink. They have a conversation that leads Unc to something he’s always known….this life aint for him no more and it never was. Its passing him by. The OGs gotta make way for the young bucks and the way they do things: no honor, no code, no respect. Unc takes to the streets for a glimpse of his old lifestyle and heads to his homey Hollywood’s (shouts out to queen sugar) garage where he can sip something brown, get his hands dirty and engage in what Tony Soprano calls the lowest form of conversation “remember when….” A car circling a time too many makes Hollywood and Unc take notice and Unc heads to the trunk. Hollywood stops him and tells him he gotta make it home tonight and he aint bout dis life no more. Unc, understandably hurt, drops that aforementioned gangsta tear and bids his friend farewell. He hates it. but he gets it. He is a man with a fifth in one hand, a pager in the garbage and no country to call home.

EL OSO: one of a few people I pray makes it out this whole thing unscathed. After being approached by KGBRueben, he goes to Ximena to tell her the truth about everything, The CIA/DEA/KGB sandwich he is apart of and she tells him she wants no parts of a life on the run. She wants a regular life, but I fear that is out of reach for her. Oso smartly goes to Teddy Reed to tell him how Rueben approached him, a move that likely saved his life. He tells Teddy to move the duji, oops again, wrong show, the cocaine and Teddy tells him he already did. Oso then calls the DEA and tells them to hold off on the raid. Not sure how this one is gonna end, but its getting scurry.

DA SAINT: my mans is full monster now huh? Aint no glimpse of that youngling with dollar signs in his eyes. Now all this time I been wondering how Young Oracle (cuz dont v’s mama look just like a young version of the oracle from Matrix) was gonna assist with getting this man’s money back and the plan has come into focus! She’s a scammer! Wigs, Hips and Lips are the order of the day as she and Lady Saint take off to Kansas City to seduce Teddy Reed’s daddy from a retirement home to a secluded cabin where The Saint will meet them as the focus of this nefarious plot comes into view. The Saint calls Teddy and lets him know whats going on and how he wants his money back NOW. Teddy feigns distinterest in his daddy, but his bluff is called. He warns The Saint that killing a CIA agents dad could be bad for his life, how blah blah blah, how woo wap de bam, how blase skippy woo and The Saint is unmoved. He tells him he has one more time to acquiesce to his request and Teddy says the wrong thing for the last time….the last time he will hear his dad’s voice….or better yet his dad’s last breath as that last excuse made The Saint slit Teddy’s dad’s throat, tell the Young Oracle and Lady Saint to beat their feet and he burned the crib down – but not before threatening Teddy’s whole existence. RIP Teddy Daddy

– Anyone else think Unc was gonna tear that bar up when he was talking to Deon after sending Louie away?
– 3rd time mentioning it, but seeing Unc cry broke my heart.
– What the fuck is up with Saint Mama always talking bout not running. You wanna live? You might wanna run, fucking with Teddy Reed you still may die, but at least you have a chance.
– Im ready to see LuhLee beat somebody’s ass behind disrespecting Wanda….thats YOUR WIFE NAKER.

– We now know that wasnt the Saint home Franklin burned down.
– Kane told Frankie to park it. lol
– Louie and Unc had very different responses to learning Franklin was not killed.

Angela Lewis aka Louie had this to say on Twitter last night…..whatchall think? Who’s gonna get it?!

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