this was one of the roughest hours of television ive ever kinda watched….I say kinda because for roughly 75% of this show, I had a good view of the tv blocked by my hands, my feet, my ovaries, a blanket, my dog – anything I could get my hands on to not have to witness was was going on in a garage in south central LA.

Before we get into this, I’d like to offer some folks the chance to leave because a violent sexual assault took place this episode.

Saint, Lady Saint and her OG: we catch up with this scamming assed crew moments after Saint murked Teddy Reed’s dad and burned the house down. The ladies are standing on the tarmac waiting when Young Oracle decides she wants to have a mother daughter talk. She wants Lady Saint to leave her baby daddy and come run away to a life of safety with her. She cautions her daughter that she will never know a day of peace with him, neither will their child. She aint wrong, but Lady Saint tells her to beat her feet, he may be a lot of things, but he aint never let her down nor lied to her, unlike her mother. That’s her man and she gone stick beside him – that the time that Vee is on. So Young Oracle is sent off into the night and Lady Saint returns to LA to warn the remaining members of Team Saint that the murderous duplicitous Teddy Reed is on the warpath and aint nobody safe.

Teddy Reed: After letting his “grief” wash over him, he gets into GO mode. He warns his wife and kid, before getting to Parissa, who somehow seems giddy at the thought of life on the run with a hunted man….a hunted man with $73 milllion but still hunted nonetheless by a worthy adversary. He then goes to Ruebens house to demand that he make him coffee, threaten to out him, listen to his sob story and then have the unmitigated gall to tell him how Rueben’s presence has made him feel less lonely….THIS MUTHAFUCKA HERE. He did this all without a gun, with a gun being held on him and still managed to threaten Rueben’s whole existence and left alive. Man fuck them neighbors and what they heard….Teddy woulda got what he was looking for….

Louie and Jerome: Their story also picks up shortly after last weeks events. Jerome has slept off his drunk and wakes up to tell Louie that its all over for him. He’s done, he wants out….apparently his notion of bliss is Kingston, Jamaica – cuz thats where he tells her he’s headed. This leads Louie to share her vulnerability with him. She tells him how she feels undervalued as a leader, because she’s a woman. This is a theme thats been featured a number of times this season, and last ep Jerome even played into it asking her to leave the room so he could talk to Deon. She feels under appreciated, when in actuality, it was Louie that saved Franklin from being killed by Avi; she held the whole operation together when Franklin was in jail; she talked Skulliver off the ledge and onto the team; she expanded the operation east; she had the money and the power, she just wanted the respect, and she admits how that turned her into a monster. Jerome counters by telling her he stayed in this because he loved her, now its on her to prove her love for him by leaving this all behind. She says she needs more time…and then they get an alert that its time for her to meet Skully. Jerome tells her to take some time, he will make the drop.

Louie heads off to the stables, where her me time involves
– taking off her gun while Kane is looking for her
– telling her security to fall back while Kane is looking for her.

Im sure you all can imagine how well that worked out for her.

So Kane’s folks get the drop on her and this is where the nightmare begins…..

Kane’s folks take her to a garage where they party and hangout, but Louie aint there for a good time or a long time. Kane wants Buckley, possibly more than Louie, but for some reason Louie wont give him up. I’d like to think this has more to do with her not wanting to be a snitch as opposed to her not wanting to give up a crackhead, but hey, its her choice. Say what you want about Louie, she may bend but she dont break. She is abused in a myriad of ways before Kane calls the Saint to witness the brutality and offers to let Frankie finish the job. Frankie declines and asks to speak to Louie alone. He tells her to give up Buckley and then pray for a quick death, but she still aint going. She offers Teddy up to the Saint, but Oso already gave him an in so she’s worthless to him. Its the anti “hey auntie” for our girl Louie. Kane has threatened her in the way the weakest of men do: with threats of sexual violence from some of his friends “fresh out”. Franklin coldly walks out and drives away…..but them family ties be the ones that bind and he pulls over and calls Jerome, who is at the drop with Skully. He wont return his nephews pages, so The Saint has Lee hit him up and tell him whats going on…..the ANGER in that mans face holding that hamburger phone…Saint purposely give him the wrong address because he knows his Uncle’s wrath. They all meet up and now Im dropping the one lone gangsta tear at the sight of my boys all working together with SKULLY in tow. They head out to rescue Louie, who is now actually getting raped by one of Kane’s boys as he watches from above. They arrive and a massive shoot out occurs….til its just three people in the room, Kane, Louie and Jerome. Kane gives a typical villian speech about how the cycle of violence is the life they have chosen and blah blah blah put the gun down and nobody gets hurt….unc aint going tho and they blast each other at the same time…both bodies drop and this time neither wakes up leaving Louie, Saint and me all in tears. RIP Unc. <3

– Yall, I dont have a lot of side thoughts….I was a fucking mess when it was all over. I repeat watch alot of tv…I can recite whole episodes of the Sopranos or the Golden Girls, but I can say with alot of certainty I will never watch this episode again. The threat of Louie’s assault hanging over the last half hour of this show was brutal for me….and Im not a survivor of anything, just a woman who lives under the very real threat of violence every day.

– Im not a person that has experienced this show with social media. That being said I was not prepared for the amount of folks that hate Louie. From the moment she beat ol girls ass up until the moment she went to Teddy Reed behind The Saints back, that WAS my girl… fucked up what she became. And wait just a second bitch….next week this all franklin’s fault? Louie just became My enemy #1.

Whatchall think?

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  1. The pimp dude had me rolling while I simultaneously watched in disgust at the ain’t shyness of these ninjas knowing what they were about to do with/to Louie, happily and mercilessly

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