Dear Snowfall Writers room, thank you for taking your foot off the pedal this week so that we could all send Unc home in peace without spending the whole episode with clenched cheeks.

Cuz didnt we need that after last week? I know I surely did. Now come, Myalogists and pull up a seat tween me and Uncle Clifford Laurent down to the repast where down in the valley all the girls….we dress in all black like the devil himself, Franklin Saint.

Louicifer: we pick up shortly after where we left off last week…with the remaining members of Team Save Louie are escorting our beloved Unc’s remains to a funeral home. At the very moment, Louie has to hand his body off, she loses it. Lee sweetly takes her home and offers to stay the night with her or call bunky crackhead ass, but she declines. She wants to be by herself to process….she takes a long look in the mirror at her jagged face and the k branded into her chest….grisly reminders of her last couple of hours. She takes in the photos of her happy day and all the gifts that remain unopened. She accepts a visit from Cissy, during which they ruminate over their shared losses with one noted exception by Louie – while Cissy got shit to still care about, Louie is fresh outta fucks. Plagued by memories of her abuse, Louie takes to the streets to the one person that she feels can understand: Skulliver. Listen, prayers to that man. He just joined forces with the men that killed his girl and their daughter….and is listening to the wife of one of those men, advising her on coping mechanisms. She tries to take his zen advice to heart, but Louie is still too raw, too angry. She fields a call from Teddy Reed, who demands to meet, but Louie on her KingShit….she tells the white man to wait until she gets ready. They eventually meet, she tells him Jerome died and what he wants, Franklin, will have to wait til she buries her husband. We next find her at the funeral, where she shares a minute with Cissy…before being approached by The Saint, who channels his real life chick’s ex with an “what you need from me Auntie?” Louie wants the truth, even tho we all know it. Write ya congressman if ya dont agree, but that man came back out of love for his family…although as he admits he is the devil himself, he says he came back for the promise of catching Teddy Reed.

The Saint: our mans was really quiet and pensive this episode. He handles the business of sending unc home, before heading back to Camp Saint to update everyone on the fates of the fam. Cissy questions her brothers whereabouts and The Saints face says it all. They go down to the funeral home so Cissy can say a private goodbye. Our man is getting more and more desperate to find Teddy, so he goes to Leon asking for a loan. Who would have ever thought we would see the day The Saint would need a loan. He needs the money to give to Oso, so he will lead him to Teddy. All of this shit leads us to see our mans in the most vulnerable position possible….he’s having night terrors and panic attacks….and rightfully so. He went from working at Cho’s to watching his uncle be killed in about 4 yrs.

Teddy Reed: After getting bitched out bout his living conditions by his girlfriend, Teddy is joined by his wife – his pregnant wife, Julia, She confronts Teddy about putting his family, especially his son. Give Franklin the money back, so all of them can be safe. But Teddy Reed is bout that action so he aint going. Julia says cools….Ill just out your dumb patriotic ass. Good for her that the CIA is already finding Teddy dispensible, him and his niggER, so she may not have to do much.

Oso: My people’s champ is continuing to go thru! Rueben shows up at his door, scuse me, his breakfast table making his same fucking threats…where was all that MOUF when Teddy threatened your ass, RUEBEN? Fuck outta here….but it scares Oso and more importantly Xiamarra, who tells Oso, the jig is up and she is planning an escape of her own that does not include him. He goes to meet Franklin and reveals each and everything that is happening to him, CIA, FBI and KGB. How did a poor wrestler find himself in the middle of all of this shit? Franklin says he can buy Oso a day or so, but he needs Teddy NOW. They talk of setting a trap…and from the looks of next week…….

Now listen, below Snowballs im gonna talk about a major spoiler for a major character, dont look if you dont want to know.

– Sad to see Wanda go from her african braids to her black girl bob.
– How much time do we think has passed since the stated start time of 1983? How long since Louie and Unc’s wedding?
– LOL at Ximarra locking the door behind Rueben…maam you woke up with him in your house.
– WANDA IS LEAVING!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Louie’s talk with her friend was heartbreaking…..
– We love a black mama and from Cissy braiding lee’s hair a couple seasons ago to her offering Wanda a path forward in life, we love Cissy
– The instrumental of “ready or not” as the Saint family walked in was so emo to me.
– What war is Lee still prepping for? Kane’s folks? Teddy? Big Deon, who was casket sharp (all puns intended) in his plaid suit…..
– Why was Oso and The Saint dressed like the Blues Brothers at the funeral?
– Bunky get your dope fiend ass outta here!
– So nice to see Uncle Clifford who is known in south central at Laurent, Louie’s cousin who we first see hosting a ball in Claudia’s club….a real easter egg for day one watchers.

on to the spoil, in one of the worst kept secrets at this point, Wanda Bell is getting her own spinoff! You can read about it here. So if Unc and Louie were Daff and Jemeker, does that mean Wanda is gonna be Lydia Harris? and if you dont know who that is….google is free kiddos!

whatchall think?

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