March 2023

Snowflakes 6.7

Dear Snowfall Writers room, thank you for taking your foot off the pedal this week so that we could all send Unc home in peace without spending the whole episode with clenched cheeks. Cuz didnt we need that after last week? I know I surely did. Now come, Myalogists and pull up a seat tween …

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Snowflakes 6.6

TRIGGER WARNING this was one of the roughest hours of television ive ever kinda watched….I say kinda because for roughly 75% of this show, I had a good view of the tv blocked by my hands, my feet, my ovaries, a blanket, my dog – anything I could get my hands on to not have …

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Snowflakes 6.5

Let’s take this ride, Myalogists, as we dry Unc’s one lone gangsta tear…. Wanda: Wanda Bell, you in trouble, Girl. SincereLEE is gone and LuhLee has returned, and that shit hurt like fuck. We pick right back up where we left them last week, LuhLee down but definitely not out. He done Craig’ed the Deebo …

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