Snowflakes 6.1 & 6.2

Here we are kiddos….the final chapter of the magnum opus of Franklin Saint and it started off with a bang and two bitch slaps so lets get into it….

Firstly there are a couple of things I’d like to discuss from my trailer breakdown – which included a lot of shots from the premiere eps.

Franklin aint dead – yet and Lady Saint aint in the skreets wailing over him.

Franklin is Vee’s man and she gonna stick beside him…and them 73million dollars.

Get shitty sharp and go clean Daddy’s money, Lady Saint!

KGB meet South Central. South Central meet KGB.

Enemies of the American State

We now know who this is and exactly what she is crying about. DAMN UNC.

RIP (or heal in peace) Black Diamond

And lawd, lawdy, lawd, lawd, lawd…..the two bitchslaps heard round the world led to this moment. Unc aint even ball a fist up.

Anyhoo, on to some thoughts….


Mama Saint shole came on strong then started back pedaling when it came time to tell Franklin to ride with the KGB…..WHO YOU WIT SAINT or whatever the hell she said. LOL

How many times Lady Saint gonna ask that man if he loved her without once saying it in return….Actions tho…she got her ass on that flight to miami and reached out to her pretty ass momma so its def love mixed with disappointment there.

SincereLEE and Wanda made it to Africa!

Unc, unc, unc…..seemed like he was willing to try and sympathize or empathize with Franklin til Louie told him he pulled a gun on her. Them eyes turned cold and black.

As if the stealing wasnt enough, Franklin tried to cut out the folks that cut him out and one of his hitters paid an ugly assed price. I was left wondering why the security aint have security but thats just the mind of a lowly blogger at work.

Bunkie may be a dopefiend, but got damn if he aint useful.

Kane is up and looking for vengence.

Awwwwww, Sculliver (my name for him) is so peaceful and zen now and all it took was the murder of his child and her mother. We love a redemption arc!

Yall know I loves my reefah, but riddle me this: Aint black diamond dead? Tell her kids and tell ya ol lady Saint!


The season trailer got me amped….lll be here – allegedly – next week….whatchall think?

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  1. Louie aka Helen of Compton! She is hell bent on going from skeeza to queenpin! Even at the cost of Unc and his nephew!

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