RHOP Reunion Looks: The Hue is Blue

DC/DMV yall gots to do better. I just really dont understand the lack of great fashion sense…I know not you and your girls, yall good, but since thats the case, offense should be the only thing you feel at how those that represent you on a national stage come out the house. From Robyn’s horrid printer streaked hair at the yellow one, or one of the earliest ones where Gizelle came out with a toupee/bang/fall sitting straggely upon her head – and Im not even gonna start on the casts from Ready for Love east coast locales – yall aint even on the fashion struggle bus, yall got ran over by it. Let’s get into the RHOP Reunion, the blue hue edition….

Lets take this thing clockwise….starting with….


i was gonna start this thing off with real class, showing only each person’s official picture, but this shit here killed me. And its just so freaking accurate. I legitimately laughed out loud for bout 30 seconds. This lady is so gorgeous to me….but somehow the sense of taste is non existenent here. Her homes, her wigs, she somehow made a cute lil gucci trimmed car look very uncute….its all so off. The labels are there, if thats a thing for you – but they are all the things that make you say, “she just got that cuz it says…..” This is yet another miss for me in a long line of misses for me when its comes to Ms. Bryant. Its very 80s and not in a good way, the pagent hair, the shoulder pads, the length of the split, the placement and width of the rhinestones….ick ugh blah no. If retro was the desired aesthetic, why not go for it? Find you a Bob Mackie, girl! Also, the number of rows of stones dffers on the arms…ugly and poorly made? Its a big fucking HELL NO.


Ashley has escaped the bondage of her creepy rapey husband as well as the bondage of most of her clothes. From the neck up its very chic. We dont ever see her with short hair cept for that one confessional with that tired mama joyce wig. The rest of her seems designed to elict a response. Its a bra with a skirt attached and I bet that bra was eating her skin UP. Doesnt seem like something you would want rubbing against you all day. Its fine for what it is and who it is….I wouldnt wear it nor style anyone in it. Ive seen her look cuter at reunions and Ive seen her look worse.


My personal people champ – say what you want about this one here, her mouth, her triangle tear dabber, her over contoured nose, but what you aint gonna do is come for her marriage and I loved to see it. She summarily dismissed both Neck and Sesame Street when they both tried to come for her man. No storyline here, no maam. And she’s one of the few HW with actual talent that is doing something with it – neither of which has anything to do with this dress, but I just wanted to put that out there. I am always here for a feather moment and this time is no different. All the glam of RHOA, with none of the tack of RHOP. Its soooo over the top and dramatic, I DIEEEEEEEEEEEE. I do wonder why the designer made the decision to stop the feathers and go with the nude bodice, but I still really like this look. Neck up is old hollywood, which is a timeless choice. Pretty sure this is my fave.


OKAY, Ms Girl, who earlier this season wore a oufit consisting of a men’s cut cropped tee, some bikin’ shorts, and block heeled sandals, either knocks it out the park with her reunion looks (hello soft pink reunion), or misses aint even the fucking word (hello printer hair yellow). This is a definite hit for me. Fresh simple Makeup, appropriate rhinestone placement on the dress, clean lines…its def my style. Robyn looks very nice here. Love it for her. She should permanently hire whoever put this on her.


This lady gives me so much sad trombone. Nothing is a try and fail, its just a flat out fail. Im a fan of doing whatever to your body you want, but no one told her getting those huge tits was gonna broaden the fuck outta you? They look sloppy and heavy and thank god she covered them up every episode with white cotton tees like the queen of potomac they say she is. This dress is mundane, nothing to even note….just like her appearance this season.


I hate illusion mesh. HATE IT. That being said, its used sparingly here and I guess its fine. The whole look is just fine. Its pagentry wear. Nice make up. Simple hair. Appropriate accessories. Moving on…..


This dress is perfect for Ms. Wendy – its her personified, trying to be too many things to too many people. I see some Zen Wen in there, some Dr. Wen, some Candle Wen and some think-imma-be-the-one-bravo-celeb-with-a-successful-restaurant-even-tho-I-partnered-with-Peter Thomas-Wen up in there too. Where do I start with this utter monstrosity? The pearls on the bodice or the hanging peals on the skirt? The inexplicable pale pink corset that bleeds into a pantie girdle of white? The too many blues of hue fighting each other for space? Seems like whatever that is sticking up off her shoulder will stick her in her face or get stuck on an earring or lock of weave. Its a mess. But she is the fairest of them all….Wendy Osefo is stunning…her dress is not.


HUMBLEBRAG: the same designer that made this dress also designed my wedding jumper, she is a wonderful talented young black woman named Chasity Sereal. She also designed the winning look on her season of Project Runway, for which she was paired with Karen, so nice to know they kept in touch. Matter of fact, I just remembered this isnt the first reunion dress has designed for La Huger. That aside, what is it with these ladies and horrid topknots/buns? (LOOKING AT YOU LENNETHIA AND YOUR SO NASTY SO RUDE REUNION HAIR) I could do and have done a better one with beauty supply hair. I cant help but feel this was heavily designed by karen or had alot of her input….Chasity’s taste level is different than this. Karen’s makeup is bordering on camp. Im hoping this translates a bit differently on camera than in still photos. Its not the worst, thats clearly gizelle and its not the best, thats candiace or robyn, so its either the best of the worst or the worst of the best. One thing the Grand Dame gonna serve is bawdy…..and I suppose this does a great job of showing off how physically fit she is.



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  1. Why oh why oh WHYYYYY?!?! If you’re going to use the RHOA reunion model why fumble the execution time and time again! It’s EXHAUSTING!!! I too will be front and center with cocktail in hand. As per usual you’re commentary was spot on.

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