YEP. Lets slide on the D….Detroit ya filthy animals.
So after skipping the first season as myalogists know i am wont do to, lets start here.

Meech: is a one man leadership Team now that Terry is fully part of a transportation company with his dumb ass daddy (more on him later) and HE’S A DADDY! Him and KashDoll done made a cute lil girl!!! YAY! One person who I do not think will be happy about this is Lamar, Kash’s first baby daddy who we were lead to believe was dead at the end of last season. But nope…here he is, nearly dead, but with enough strength to incapacitate an able bodied policeman, slip out a hospital unnoticed whilst leaving a trail of blood, stagger down the road in a hospital gown in the rain, and hey, I guess you cant stop the rain and the rain cant stop his ass either, before running into his cousin, a mortician. Cuzzo rehabs him, and lets him steal a dead man’s shoes before, attempting to end Meech, who was on his way to a set up meet designed by Cop Harris to bring him down. The hospital is a great deal better than prison.

Meech’s other storyline deals with his new plug “K9” – a ruthless assed mofo who cut the mouth off of the last plug. This week he wants Meech to bring a rival to him alive…a rival that is fucking his old lady…but that aint the reason. Like most civilized peole K9 dont like loud mouthy people. So he sets Meech out to bring his rival back to him – alive – and meech can get the duji…oops wrong show and time period….the dope. Meech gets the drop on him, and a shoot out follows which leaves the prize lifeless. Meech returns the body to K9 who tells him he needs to learn to follow directions and their businesss has now concluded.

Terry: can we talk about him yall? Like this boy does alot of shit to still be in high school. Like really, Charles? You gonna be talking corporate strategy with your son and then tell him to do his home work? Terry is at least 40 yrs old, the jig is up. Terry is all into the car business, innovating new procedures and practices, as well as being all up into the artist formerly known as lala aka TAFKAL. I always hear tales of men talking bout how when they lost their virginity they were 12 and the woman was 27 and I always wanna barf..who are these women and who hurt yall? Thats predatory AF and TAFKAL is a grown married woman with children playing girlfriend to a high school, I hope – senior. On to the show, Terry made a powerful enemy out of a man who runs the airport bidness and gets one of the car company’s car’s tires slashed. Denise, who recently joined the company is down for a little street retribution and her and Terry sugar the tanks like the bad bitches they are and fuck with the brakes on airport boss’s car. They follow him one night and the brakes fail…the car and him, as him and his big brother pull his ass out the car and beat the brakes off of him. Problem solved, right?

The Flenory’s: man if charles dont get his bitch ass outta here…done went and fixed someone else’s home while your home looking like the before on an HGTV show, and got the nerve to dance with the whore. Now I know ya old lady done confided in pastor Big Wig and that seemed to be a bridge too far, but like Lucille said, he is a man of God and posed to be their spiritual leader and if opening a credit card in your daughters name and buying a maxi negligee that got all our grannie’s bills paid aint helping, maybe a word from the passa will…spoiler alert: it did not. Charles done threatened Passa Big Wig to stay out his bidness, a request that has been granted for now. Find a new place for them adult mags, nicka!

BMick and The Cop: man if bmick dont kill this fool soon. Isnt it great how fucked up we are AS A PEOPLE (my fave phrase ever), just like Andre on Snowfall, we hear how a policeman is bemoaning the deterioration of their community and we be like FUCK DA POLICE…i love us forreal. But seriously….the cop be sneaking up like a god damn whisper in the wind…there to light b’s squares and everything! Like dont you have a home? A wife? A bitch? ANY DAMNED THING? He puts the screws on bmick to have him lure meech to a meet where he will promptly be arrested. The cop watches from afar, waiting for bmick to lead meech to the meet, when bmick jumps out the car like he is making a phone call…not sure what he wanted the outcome of that to be, but its enough time for Lamar to roll up and blast meech….the Flenory family will yet again be praying for one of their own to make it out alive….which spoiler alert, according to many good homies in the A, he does.

Whatchall think? Lucille gonna give it up to Pastor Big Wig? Charles gonna keep dancing with Ms. Parker? Is Lala gonna become a sexual predator? Lets all tune in next week and find out!

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