Thats gotta be the name of this series, cuz from the looks of it, he’s in a courtroom more than any class outside of Cari’s soooo…..

So, im bout 13 episodes behind, but this last couple of episodes was full of so many what the fuck moments that I felt compelled to write.

Im not exactly sure how this one is gonna be formatted since I didn’t recap season 1 and ive missed 1/4 of season 2, so bear with me, it may be all over the place but Im sure you will follow it.

Let me say this…..Courtney Kemp and the writers know that their audience aint here for a smart time, we just here for a good time, cuz the amount of unbelievable shit that happens in this show is staggering.

“what, what the fuck, this some bulllshit, im out this mofo” – those statements alone couldn’t get a naker arrested on suspicion of murder, yet there’s the friendly police carting Zeke off to jail without a scintilla of evidence. Cuz he blew his top when a journalist went off scripts? Then here comes Method Man asking for the whole case amount up front. Listen, I’ve fought a criminal case and not one lawyer I know of asks for all their money up front….what if the case costs more than a milli? Stop. Also, what police organization – and this goes for season one as well – would let a fucking teacher who this season became a suspect assist with a murder investigaton? Come on curly head professor wouldn’t be allowed with in 50 feet of this case. But somehow, the Police let this woman read a book that incriminates Tariq and not only let her read it, but let her tell her informant about the book with which to incriminate the naker she just let dick her down.

Now, Dummy Bagg Yo is Monet and Renzo 2.0s son? And he’s older than Cane, which if he is a college sophomore makes Cane 18 or 19….come on Madame Kemp and ya staff, yall coulda found a way to explain some things or connect some things without making Monet a teen mom who got sent down yonder to birth huh babies. Lawdy lawd lawd lawd. There is a YouTube out there explaining some of the backstory, to that I say “SWEET BROWN” if it takes an after show or a YouTube vid to explain a major plot point, thats a huge problem.

Back to Dummy Bag that boy got to have the dumbest face on earth. Whoever that actor is, is either a grade A actor or the dumbest naker ever, but either way, he’s playing his part. Although that Jemele Hill, hey girl hey, interview was a complete shamble, his reaction to it or better yet the lack of preparation his “pay me my entire fee up front” lawyer provided him was completely for shit. why not stick to the Ramirez story you gave the police about him being a fan. Cuz you dumb, thats why. Why Monet think so little of you that she has to have one of her kids babysit you while she goes shopping for big assed earrings (of which I own a pair so its all love with me and MJB and Simone Todd Smith)? Cuz you dumb thats why.

And another thing, Courtney, I let you trick me into thinking Tommy was sexy cuz of his cancel Christmas and extensive impressive outerwear, but bitch you crazy if you think im gonna let you pull the greatest trick of the devil himself with this Cooper Same shit….stop it… stop it right now. Not one more scene of him pumping them wack pink cheeks. Enough is enough. Please and thank you.

Riq’s Rumblings

  • im mad riq aint bed effie. effie’s my girl.
  • did riq get Monet allllll the way together bout why she needed him? Told her alllll bout her family.
  • Speaking of Riq and family, no court in the world would give custody of yaz to a barely legal young boy. not one.
  • A rolex, as a listening device, from a police station. Sure.
  • Dummy Bagg Yo has blonde hair now. YAY
  • So am I to believe that the NYPD ransacked them boys dorm rooms, decided there was nothing there, and officer Lorenz brother just pulls open on drawer and the badge is just sitting right there. OKAY.
  • Monet def got a type.
  • what does redman have to do with any of this?
  • im glad they showed Tariq asking for a ride cuz I was wondering how he keeps getting places.
  • Diana starting to make me sick….see rumbling #1.
  • How is Braden going to evolve into Tommy 2.0 if he keeps picking Cane over Tariq?

SUPER HONORABLE MENTION: man James St. Patrick gets the father of the year award. I know from reading the comments that me and my intended were not the only ones that were DYING to hear the GHOST of Jamie reading that note in his own voice.

Imma pause for now…..cuz im just freestylin without notes, but Ill return next week with a more targeted post. If you wanna discuss anything further, hit them comments!

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