Snowflakes 5.1& 5.2 Comets and Commitments

Listen, I just KNEW I was gonna wake up to find “franklins buttcheeks” trending on twitter. Yall disappointed me. But them cheeks didnt…..

Yall ready for this ride?! Lets go.

So, this new chapters dives right in exposing us to the fam’s new money. And thank GAWD the fam is still famming! Jerome and Louie out here buying horses with 10 million sitting in a panamanian bank. Luhlee got all the money he needs, but apparently not enough generosity to just set Wanda up, but enough generosity to be godfather of the hood. Franklin got a Dora Milaje security team, a plane that he flies with regularity, a limo, a nice selection of Levis, a baby mama (barf), a new plug and still retains the drive to want more, and more legitmately. His product is also affecting things far and wide; killing Len Bias and ultimately his high school BFF Rob, who I didnt recognize until the show was bout 45 minutes old. I kept wondering why Saint was so invested in this shaggy assed white boy and then voila! The clouds parted.

I felt like these two episodes, Comets and Commitments were a solid open to the season. Not alot happened narratively, aside from murking Rob and the (re?)- introduction of Teddy, with his murdering ass, (bye Chad, Thad or whatever your name was) but them previews for the season got me AMPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. Especially that shot of Saint in a cage. WTF? So with that being said, lets just jump into some thoughts I jotted down and see if yall agree, mkay?


  • Im very happy that I wont have to see Lucia, according to Gustavo, but one never knows with this show.
  • Come on Ms. Wanda Bell, step on them balls girl!
  • Luhlee beat that boys leg like the Murphy Brothers beat on Rick James’s legs.
  • How Franklin didnt know his boy White Boy Rob was on that shit? Where you been Franklin?
  • Is that dirty cop part of the origin of the Rampart Division of LAPD?
  • AVI! I was wondering where my boy was…out here trying to join the Silver Fox Association, rockin that facial hair. I SEE YOU MY GUY
  • Yall think Alton dead? The language used to describe him suggest otherwise, but Teddy Reed dont leave many live bodies in his wake.

Whatchall think? See ya next week – maybe…yall know im a bit of a flake myself!

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