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Powerful Thoughts 6.15 – The Grand(less) Finale.

Powerful Thoughts 6.15 – The Grand(less) Finale.

Well we’ve reached the end of the line kiddos…kinda. And what a ride it was. Remember Lobos – how funny he was? Remember when they used to have hot sex scenes on this show? Remember Shawn and his dumb ass face? Remember Milan and his 

Powerful Thoughts 6.14 – The Tate Brothers

Powerful Thoughts 6.14 – The Tate Brothers

I waited #24 hours to write and post this out of respect to one of the greatest to ever do it….Kobe – and all the others who perished, you will be missed. Larenz got LAHmaRD or whatever his name is, a job. A job where 

Powerful Thoughts 6.13 Let it go or Let her go?

Powerful Thoughts 6.13 Let it go or Let her go?

Hey Kiddos, we are in the final stretch here, with two episodes to go before Aunt Mary and Zaddy Meth pick up the mantle and give us whatever Courtney Kemp has left to give in Power 2: Book of Ghost. But wait, before we do, lets send off my favorite white boy and yours, Thomas Patrick Egan Teresi in a right proper way – One befitting of all his cold ass outwear looks he served over the years.

BUT, and its a Kardashian sized one, before we start what did Ghost say when Tommy came to share his final moments with him? Let it go? or Let HER go? Quite different outcomes here. Some eagle eared (is that a thing) viewers heard let HER go, while some hearing deficient viewers (HEY MYA HEY) watched with the captions on (NOT THIS TIME FOR ME) and read LET IT GO. Based upon the spoiler 50 gifted us with and some frantic ass posters shared, im thinking it was let HER go, but im not a losing attention seeker, so I wont be sharing what I think was said here, but hey….its out there is you want to spoiler a show you’ve spent 6.5 years watching.

Back to Tommy…..

We open the show seeing what happened to poor Uncle Benny – he’s compacted in the ambulance that Holly – and I was wondering why she was in the opening “PREVIOUSLY ON POWER” – suggested Tommy get to launder his money. He then goes to see his mother prompting me to write in my notes “SHUT THE FUCK UP KATE,” which I will find myself saying many times throughout this ep.

Elisa Marie: unfortunately for us, this plot line is indicative of the corner the show painted Tommy in. I really dont care about her and as evidenced by her Aunt leaving her when she said she didnt want to be alone and the body guards that mysteriously disappeared after Vincent was killed, but Tommy was still on the loose, no one else does either. What’s interesting to me, is that, after all Tommy did to her, killing her father and her uncle, kidnapping her, subjecting her to Kate’s white girl braids, telling her the truth bout her frand Tariq, shit talking her bout her dad, for some reason, she frees him. Somebody gotta make that shit make sense to me because at current, it absolutely does not. And them bonding over their junky moms aint gonna do it. HE KILLED HER FATHER. PeriodT.

Also, what aint gonna do it for me, is the structure of these final eps….how much more stress would you have felt for Tasha when Tommy rolled up on her with the truth about LaKeisha’s death if you didnt know that she lived to show up at Trust Attorney Elvin’s office. There was no benefit to that scene knowing she lived. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

And so what ends up happening to our boy after dropping Elisa Marie off? Im not really sure because the timeline is kinda effed up to me. However, I do know that he went to Truth to tell his bruddah he loved him and to possibly kill his killer, only to be stopped by a bloodied Ghost, which says to me, the killer has to be someone he cares about, cuz I doubt he would stop Tommy from killing Saxe or anyone other than Tasha or Tariq. His next stop was off to Kate’s, who again prompted me to write SHUT THE FUCK UP KATE. Telling your own flesh and blood who you just asked for an 8ball how they aint shit is some Trump level parenting (to his sons, not his lover Ivanka). I mean how much longer is that money gonna last, Kate? You will be looking up your son in LA in no time flat. The final shot of our boy, in that Rick Owens jogger, riding off in his blue bitch that was restored to greatness by his brother, left me dropping one lone gangsta tear.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Does anyone other than my deaf ass need the captions to discover what TwoBit is saying at any given time?
  • EM knows bout proof of life, but cant tell her buddy Tariq is a liar.
  • Tommy in LA is a show I would def watch.
  • At least we know Tariq wants his father to die at his hands loves his father enough to not sell him out to the Italians.
  • Why would Aunt Bennie think a 17 yr old she never met would be capable of the things his rotten 17 yr old ass certainly is capable of? I mean we know Tariq, but she dont. And how she know the back door was left unlocked and everything else she confronted him with?
  • Tommy goes to Truth during the campaign event and lo and behold, TRUTH DOES HAVE SECURITY! Wow, whodathunkit?
  • Ced the Entertainer is a hitta for the Italians. OKAY.
  • Power: Revenge of Paz’s Funky Bubble Coat.
  • Tariq and his reasons for wanting to kill Ghost are so fucking immature. He lied. SO FUCKING WHAT KID. You lie too.
  • Kill the villain soliloquies…just shoot the mofo and stop telling them WHY you are killing them.
  • Spotswood caught that capital L right to the eye.
  • Speaking of Spotswood, why was he just walking round eating hohos and drinking strawberry quick? PROTECTIVE CUSTODY ANYONE?
  • Courtney, nice throwback to Kill Bill dialog about EM coming to find Tommy when she grows up, like The Bride told Vivica’s kid…and by nice, i mean lazy.
  • I be too lost at times, maybe I should watch Power Confidential, but only if Terrence J aint in them silky rayons everyweek.


Tommy was on the radio here in Chicago, over the weekend and said that the killers name starts with T – Tate, Tasha, Tariq.

Whatchall think?

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