Tariq’s Trials

Why Monet think so little of you that she has to have one of her kids babysit you while she goes shopping for big assed earrings (of which I own a pair so its all love with me and MJB and Simone Todd Smith)? Cuz you dumb thats why.

Kanan Concepts 1.5

imma say this….and I just want you to hear me out. Knowing that Kanan killed his own son, I don’t find it a stretch to believe that Raq is gonna murk Marvin. And ill be here with money on her books if she do. He is THEE worst. He gets sonned regularly by his little …

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Kanan Concepts 1.4

its a twofer! when I get done writing this Imma write the next one so click the link at the bottom, myalogists! So I was just gonna do a brain dump on this but when I discussed it with my intended, he said this episode had a theme: Desperation. Upon further review, he was right. …

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