Kanan Concepts 1.5

imma say this….and I just want you to hear me out. Knowing that Kanan killed his own son, I don’t find it a stretch to believe that Raq is gonna murk Marvin. And ill be here with money on her books if she do. He is THEE worst. He gets sonned regularly by his little sister. His little brother took him down on the pavement and laughed at his chick being clapped down by some other nakers. His daughter don’t like him and his nephew don’t respeck him. If this naker don’t get his own “who shot marvin” storyline like Jamie, I’d be gobsmacked.

So just when I was wondering why we have to keep visiting the doctor with Officer Epps, kanans bloody snot rag appeared on his desk and the clouds parted….of course kanan is his son. Why else would we give a fuck bout this dude? No reason I could think of, but hey….Ive always liked Omar so Im glad he’s still working.

Speaking of clouds parting, how Famous don’t know Jukeboxx is gay? I mean I guess we all dressed like nakers back in the day, but we aint carry ourselves like them. Juke is a dude. A dude that got her lil black ass heart broken and threatened to be exposed as a rapist…damn Karen! Thats a bit much, your lil karen jr was a willing participant. Im surprised it took yall all this time to kick in the door. Kudos on not being a typical white mama….wasnt NO doors being closed in my black ass house, but at least you entered without knocking. Poor Chad was lost but Im sure you got him up to speed and put some starch on his chinos when he found out his lil girl was put the L in the LGBTQIA+. Poor juke, but maybe, just maybe I won’t have to hear her sing for the 6th episode in a row.

Raq is building a mini Carter, I like her style. I just wanna know why they didn’t cast the actual Jimmie Walker under the Save Elvin From Whole Foods Act, to play the project dude – especially since dude looked like him. that woulda been awesome. Her dumb ass brother gonna sit up and ask her when her and kanan moving in there. man somebody put a bullet in this fool for all of our sakes. Jesus he is stupid.

Kanan, kanan, kanan, we learned so much about you this ep. Firstly, you are a virgin. Second Davina Greenleaf fucked you without a kiss….she got you going against your cousin and you aint even smelt it yet. Thirdly, you are a Leo….shoulda known. Fourthly, you cant fight, like most adult bullies. Fiftly, you don’t listen. You wanna be grown and have all this responsibility, but you cant follow directions. I don’t know what your mama is thinking teaching you how to cook crack, but we all know it aint gonna end well for you.

Line of the episode: we shake hands when we negotiate, we throw hands when we renegotiate. #TEAMRAQ

If you read this first, click here for last week’s installment which I wrote five minutes before this.

See yall next week!

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