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So I was just gonna do a brain dump on this but when I discussed it with my intended, he said this episode had a theme: Desperation. Upon further review, he was right.

Before we get to that tho, I would like to give Unique his flowers for all his dapper dan gear. but I will take back one lone gangsta rose, cuz he was so desperate for revenge that he tortured his boy for no reason. He sat up there and tore his boys ear off and killed him and then turned around and said he knew Raq was behind his shipment being snatched, HUH? He literally told his boy the glass dick got them into this shit, and then said this shit got Raq name all over it, BOI O BOY the power writers never fail us, do they. Then his desperation led him to put stepped on dope out on the street, the fiends are not gonna be happy with this decision.

White publicist lady is desperate if Marvin is the best dick she can get. And she begging that wack ass naker to cuddle with her….ugh. AND he repo’d her dog….granted she wasn’t taking care of it, but that aint the point! She went from Symphony to marvin who don’t even get a capital M in his name from me. What a fucking loser, the both of them.

Speaking of lil big brother….his desperation led him allll amok this ep. Scooters bubble guts left him so desperate that he had NO other viable option than Kanan to assist him in moving the stash. Then when they spot got blown up by Unique’nem, this dumbass got so desperate that he found he had NO other viable option than to ram his car into the back of niq’s van and then found out after that didn’t work that he had NO other viable option than to shoot them THRU his window. SIGH. He then goes and finds niq’s one remaining boy bout to shoot his nephew and this time truly had NO OTHER VIABLE OPTION than to kill dude. His desperation leads him to try to hide all this from Raq, by finishing the move and letting his nephew clean up the mess.

Jukeboxx whose portrayer very clearly went to the Kerry Washington School of Facial Acting, is so desperate for studio time and white puss that she engages in boosting and sitting up in them good white peoples house eating there bland spaghetti and their bland daughter. I did find myself wondering why she was boosting when her family has money but the next scene answered it, her daddy is a moron and a hater.

Raq, my sweet beautiful Raq, is so desperate, only at times, to try and save her son that she puts him in her dicks class – damn that’s cold Raq. what’s the age difference on them nakers? cant be more than 10 years, but hey…..just like another beautiful single mama, she gotta have a life too.

random desperations:

  • Davina green leaf so desperate to get her mama back, she done sold out the gang.
  • Crown Combs seems desperate for some mid Latina too.
  • kanan so desperate to be a bad guy that he hides a blood stained shirt under his bed.
  • Im so deseperate to not hear jukebox sing again

what yall think?

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