Powerful Thoughts 3.9

I’d like to open this recap with the following statement meant to convey my maturity and lack of hubris:



Penultimate episode here, which I felt was anything but ultimate, but hey…….im here to report and judge the show, not write it.  I will say Court and Co have done an amazing job of making me love Tommy and hate Ghost…which at the start of the show was inconceivable to me.  Now its hard to remember when I used to cheer for Ghost and want to see him to be great.

He used to call you on your cellphone

Hugo’s cellphone is in Angela’s clutches and she is making little headway figuring out what to do with it. As fate would have it, Sandoval calls it while she is holding it in her hand and she answers it.  No one speaks on the other end, but she hears the chopper that’s flying overhead their building, on her end and the callers end. Sandoval does as well and disconnects the call. After meeting up with Jamie, outside in public while wearing their invisibility cloaks and learning Gregex was at Tommy’s house questioning Kate, she goes to her pasty butt boyfriend and tries to put her butter pecan rican on him.  Known to us, but unbeknownst to her, Greg will take the ass, but he’s still on her trail.  While she is sleeping, he goes into her briefcase, finds the cell and takes a pic of the sim card so he can have his buddy Agent Medina run it later.  That boy is quicka than that thang yall! Have you ever tried to go thru ya people’s phone while they in the next room.  Hands all shakey, mouth all dry, fumbling….OH THATS ONLY ME HUH?  Yeah, Okay.  Anyway, he meets with Medina and gets some info that leads him to a store near Hugo’s crib. He arrives there just in time to see Sandoval leaving Hugo’s crib, where he removed a pic of him and his wife and hopefully his only connection to Hugo. Greg is all GOLLY GEE and trying to figure out why Sandoval would be there.

No Love in the Club

In the season’s most meandering pointless subplot, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  kantos returns demanding sterns invite list zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ghost got a plan zzzzzzzzzzzz julio stashing drugs in the cocky white boy club zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ghost busts up cocky white boys/karen meeting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cops arrive zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cocky white boys arrested zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz big party back on at Truth zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Reunited and it feels so dumb

It’s career day at the St. Patrick kids school and James St. Patrick is up there in all his tailored suit glory talking bout the challenges of being a club owner and the adverse affect it can have on your loved ones.  Tariq dont give a fuck; texting his boy Slim Fug to hook up later while his dad is up there talking…but his Mama gives fucks….many confused, contorted, ugly face fucks.  After hitting the club kids where it hurts and stealing his club business back, Ghost returns home triumphant.  Tasha is liquored up on wine when he gets there and congratulates him on beating the competition and keeping them safe from Milan.  She’s so grateful in fact, she rewards him with the gift of her open legs and as many ugly faces as she can muster.  That shit was hard for me to watch, which is becoming the norm for me and Power sex scenes.  She must have literally gotten her brains fucked out, because no sooner than Ghost leaves, does she pick up the phone and tell Tommy that Ghost is working to eliminate Milan and must be stopped, even tho she just thanked him for working to eliminate Milan.  Fine.  Tasha…we forgave you fuckin round with Dumbface Shawn, ya man’s was dickin around with bimbos (shouts out to Colin Powell), but this is just STUPID. Don’t enter the Game of Dummies…the field is too crowded.

Ebony and Ivory do NOT go together in perfect harmony

This week finds me sad again at the deterioration of Ghost and Tommy’s relationship.  The show opens with them sitting across from each other, Ghost questioning Tommy like a jealous lover bout why he aint return his call.  Aint this a bitch?  Actually, aint this a man?  Demanding the truth while lying to someone’s face.  Tommy tells him that he went to Milan’s warehouse to get closer to him. He also lets Ghost know that Ruiz is becoming a problem, refusing to sell anything until he sits down face to face with Milan to get a better understanding about why the product has to change.  Ghosts assures him that Ruiz will fall in line, because – ALTOGETHER NOW – he has a plan. GOT dammit I’m sick of this man and his plans.  Ghost reminds Tommy its of the utmost importance that they stick together and keep each other in the know, even tho we know he refuses to tell anyone, anything, anyplace, anytime – ever.  Tommy later arranges the meeting with a wire wearing Ruiz and Milan, during which he receives a phone call from a “dick for brains” – literally-  assed Tasha, who lets him know that Ghost JUST told her that he was working on a plan to rid them of Milan permanently.  This pisses Tommy off to NO END.  Earlier in the ep, he defended their friendship to Milan.  He told Milan that Ghost was all on board with the team and that he’s just being cautious.  Milan tells Tommy, all that is fine, but if Ghost aint right, Tommy will meet his own untimely demise.  This leads to Tommy giving Ruiz a ride home from the meet to his final destination.  In the car, Tommy vents his frustration over Ghost’s latest betrayal, confessing that Lobos is dead, and eventually killing Ruiz – ALL ON THE TAPE RECORD.  He returns to Truth to tell Ghost that he knows he looked him in the face and lied about his plans and that Ruiz is dead.  Ghost shifts into fuck DONT GIVE A FUCK mode and tells Tommy, he will be waiting forever if he is waiting for him to say he’s sorry for keeping secrets.  He wants out of the life and he is willing to die for that shit. He wants to be on the up and up with Tommy and just needs time to ALTOGETHER NOW come up with a plan. Tommy says fuck that….he’s coming up with a plan.  Cut to Tommy entering Milan’s warehouse and announcing that Ghost must die.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Court & Co: please do not get lazy, y’all used this trick before – this whole both people on both ends of the phone hearing the same ambient noise.  When Angie was following Jamie, found him at Bally’s (the high end retailer, not the healthclub ya classless animals!), called him, and then they both heard the ambulance in the background.  We only three seasons in and y’all already signed to 5.  I do not expect to see the same shit over and over.
  • “She aint that fucking smart.  If she was she never woulda hooked up with you in the first place.” I’m falling for Tommy, y’all.
  • Gregex P. Keaton, the ex must stand for EX-ray vision cuz he surely saw a business card in the bottom of a trash can.
  • Speaking of business cards, why would Angie leave Kate a business card, when she’s doing a secret investigation?
  • Keish is still missing and I still dont think she is dead.
  • Tariq’s still a dumb dummy.
  • What did Gregex slide in faster?  Angie or her briefcase?
  • “This time, muthafucka, you need to choose me.”  Im falling for Tommy, y’all.
  • “Tariq said what’s up.”  Kanan is a petty ass man, just like the person that portrays him.
  • If Dre could tell Tommy to watch Tariq, he could have told Ghost.
  • I liked Tariq’s little gymshoe heist.  That was smart to call to divert the attention of the store employee.
  • Why gymshoe store man bring out two boxes?  Tariq said a 10.  Not a 10 or 10 1/2.
  • The drama of Tommy patting down Ruiz only to find a cigar?  #missme
  • Did y’all follow my suggestion of drinking every time you heard the word plan?  Are you or your dead of alcohol poisoning ghost reading this?
  • NEXT WEEK IS FINALE.  Whatchall think gone happen?


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