Powerful Thoughts 3.8


Courtney, didn’t we have a conversation about making us watch these sad barftastic vomitorius sex scenes?  Two weeks after you save us from Holly’s bony white ass, we gotta see Gregex P. Keaton’s bony white ass?

Clearly further re-direction is needed. Let’s talk soon.

With the season coming to a too soon close, all hell is continuing to break loose and all the characters are telling each other to do the last thing they should do – “trust me”, the title of this episode. These people are keeping MORE secrets from each other, secrets that would likely make things much easier and safer for all involved parties, but this is a show about allegedly smart people doing very dumb things.  That being said…lets get the boring shit out the way, huh?


These two assholes are still in each other’s orbit and why shouldn’t they be? He’s following her around like a lil bitch.  Crying when he sees her at Greg’s crib. She’s still showing up at Tasha’s house, trying to question her about what she does with her husband.  Can we take a pause for me to tell you how out her lights would have been the first time she came to my crib?  They finally come face to face in a who gives a fuck scene that is totally unnoteworthy until it is revealed that she is wearing a wire to build the case against Ghost that she would never tell anyone about cuz she too dickwhipped to see him suffer.  He is equally pussywhipped and is willing to betray those closest to him to make sure she is safe, which honestly, HE SHOULD.  This lady has give up so much for this relationshiT….her freedom shouldn’t be at risk. She seemingly knows this and will do what she can to save herself without sacrificing Jamie.  She is desperate to get Agent Starling and her ilk off her trail, so she goes to Gregex to show him she’s been investigating Jamie.  She shows him footage of Jamie at the hotel the time Lobos was killed (do we know that he’s dead?) and tells him how cold she is now that its apparent Jamie used her while reconciling with his wife.  This leads Greg to comfort his former lover with his penis and leads her to believe she has neutralized Greg.  But like all men, once they get that release, the blood rushes back to other essential muscles and he aint going…soon as he rolls over and farts he sends a text to someone telling them that Angie is def involved in the Lobos fuck up. Sad trombone Angie….you got ran thru, had to look at a pic of BAE while getting sad, powerless thrusts from Boo and he STILL don’t trust you.  While there is a contest over the dumbest person on the show, there isnt one for the biggest loser….its habitually YOU.

Milan to the right of them, Milan to the left them…

Much like them cannons Lord Tennyson spoke of, Milan is fucking everywhere.  In his own warehouse waking Tommy from a beatdown induced sleep; in Tasha and Keisha’s shop – threatening to expose Tasha and scaring Keisha into making unnecessary noise when she should be frozen with fear; in Truth somehow making Jamie SAT DOWN in what appears to be the tightest suit in his collection, and most importantly, in between Ghost and Tommy.  He’s having Tommy call Primera meetings in Truth behind Jamie’s back, tempting Tommy with a life of no obligation to anyone (except him of course), offering to share his people porridge, just doing it all! He’s gonna have them walking around in them Diddy/Mase #1/#2 jerseys in just one minute.  In a serious role reversal, Milan has Tommy hold and conduct the Primera meeting, where he gives a rousing GMoney speech bout how pills are the future, and they will now all be pushing pills in addition to dope.  They all initially balk and start swinging dicks bout how aint nobody gonna tell them what to sell, but a quick hit to Asian Primera’s main vein and his subsequent death changes all of their tunes….everyone is on deck – including the freshly returned to power Ruiz and that dumb ass hat of his.  Pills for EVERYONE!

My mama aint raise no dummy, but Tariq’s mama did.

The game of dummy’s got a brand new front runner this week.  Although Ghost and Dre continue to be very strong contenders, Tariq has entered the contest and is off to a rousing start.  This boy…whoe seems old enough to tie his own shoes and is brave enough to stand in his dad’s face shitting on his choices and his sidebitch, is somehow not smart enough to not tell a total stranger, where he goes to school, what time he gets out of school, his dad’s social security number, where his mom gets her shitty closures from, nor recognize stranger danger when he sees it.  Kanan pops up on the scene where Dre has taken Tariq to play ball and starts to endear himself to the young man – being overly complimentary and asking too many fucking questions.  Watching this scene made me immediately think of the XXL cover with 50 caressing Soulja Boy, both of them slathered in Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel.  I was so scared that man was gonna kiss that lil boy in his mouth, I swear I was.  Kanan, who never saw a line he wasnt eager to cross, kicks it up a notch, showing up at Tariq’s school, goading the lil boy to defy his father and take a trip  to the hood with him.  This dumb ass not only goes, but starts drinking lean, OUT THE SAME STRAW WITH A TOTAL STRANGER!!!!  Who does that?  I mean kids are dumb…but you aint gotta be dumb and gross Tariq…at least raise the lid and drink straight out the cup!  A co-worker once tried to give me some sour patch kids out his hand….I just said no.  How Tariq wasnt raised to do the same, is highly questionable. He takes him to the apartment he took from the meemaw he murdered last week and is about to introduce them, when Tariq starts talkin bout how much he hates his father, which makes Kanan lower his gun and raise his eyebrows – Jukebox’s advice literally flashing across his forehead…this is the person that’s more valuable to him alive than dead.

Drina’s if ya got’em!

As we previously discussed, Milan’s choice of cigarettes has left an opening for Ghost to get more intel on him.  Now my dumb ass thought he was gonna poison him thru the Drina squares and maybe he still will, but for now, they lead him to Milan’s headquarters.  Much like his former paramour, Jamie is conducting his own investigation –  into Milan, who he DESPERATELY needs out of his life.  One of his government connects is willing to tell him where Milan’s preferred cigarettes are sold – a couple bars around New York, which Jamie subsequently visits, to Tasha’s annoyance.  She delivers a throwaway line about Ghost “drinking again” which I guess will become another unecessary plot point, and another entry to add to his growing list of problems.  Jamie sits at one of the bars drowning his sorrows bout Angie (barf), but remains alert enough to take note of the business dealings in the spot.  The bartender tells him to beat his feet after getting a phone call and Jamie leaves and waits outside to follow the bartender, who drives directly to Milan’s warehouse.  He waits outside long enough to see Tommy enter, and send his ass to voicemail quicker than I did my ex after his dumb ass called after sending an unanswered “wyd” doing text.  It is at this point that Ghost realizes he cant trust Tommy, cuz Tommy told him earlier he didnt know where Milan be at.  This after Ghost told Tommy he aint have no plan to take Milan out….again….no one can be trusted on this show.  Everyone is lying to everyone.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • I know we discussed up top, but how was Jamie able to sit down and cross his legs in that tight assed suit?
  • Hugo REALLY shouldnt have talked shit to Tommy bout Holly and the Dog.  But at least he doesnt have to worry bout leaving the country now.
  • “Fuck your, bitch” “I got a plan” “Trust me”  “You losing control” – These phrases are said each show.  If you play a drinking game with them, you will not make it to hear the  last one being uttered.
  • Why does 50 save all his hot songs for the show?  Im truly ashamed that my 40 year old ass went looking for a song called “Bitch, Im the Man” after hearing it during the closing credits.
  • Why are these people acting like they dont know Milan is everywhere…how are you comfortable talking on the phone, talking at home, talking at truth, talking at the shop, talking in your sleep, anyfuckingwhere?  How?
  • Agent Medina telling Gregex to take his maybes and lose his number had me HOLLLERING.
  • Angie, forrealz – stop going to this ladies house.  You gotta stop it now.
  • “Sit down, Angela” – Im falling for Tommy y’all.
  • WEAVE GOT THE FUNK?  Not cute in the least, ladies.  When I think hair, I dont wanna think funk.
  • Agent Starling is down with the swirl yall….she wanna get some St Patrick all up in them guts.  Talmbout waking up to him….I see you girl.  And you aint even seen him in his murder clothes.  #bawdy
  • After all they have done to and for each other…they sacrifices they made while they were estranged, the meet scene with Tommy and Ghost lying to each others face made me sad. Ghost believes that by hiding his hand, he is doing what’s in the best interest of all involved parties….Tommy just freeballing and thinking of a life free of obligation. Nothing like losing everything to give you proper perspective.
  • Did that girl work in an Alfred, Lord Tennyson reference in a Power recap? She bad.
  • All these secrets yall:
  1. Ghost dont know bout Tasha/Tommys bidness
  2. Ghost dont know bout Kanan being alive.
  3. Tommy dont know what Ghost’s plan is.
  4. Angie doesnt know that Greg is playing her
  5. Angie doesnt know how Jamie got Hugo’s phone
  6. Tommy doesnt know whats in that soup Milan was eating
  7. We dont know if Tommy killed Keisha (im betting he didnt and wont)
  8. Where is mama and little baby?

Two eps, left – WITH THE NEXT ONE AIRING 9/18….whatchall think?

Mya’s note:  I watched Queen Sugar last night and loved it.  Is is recapable?   Stay tuned……Im watching Part II tonight on OWN.  Childish Gambino: Big ups on Atlanta!  Loved it as well.




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