Couple Reasons: Good Times on Netflix

Who the fuck asked for this? – Mya Seals Hill

good times
The 2024 Evans Family: Beverly, Grey, Dalvin, Junior and Reggie

Imma try something new here….the Couple Reasons series brought to you by the good folks at Myalogy. So let me share a couple reasons it’s a big hellfucknawl to the new animated series, Good Times– yes, that Good Times. Im hoping to tell yall a couple reasons it’s a big hellfuckyeah to Diarra from Detroit, but Im notoriously lazy, as yall know so we shall see.

From the minds of Norman Lear, Seth McFarl, you know what it doesn’t even matter. The shit drops on April 12, I think and the trailer was dropped on black America yesterday. Myalogists, I did not laugh, chuckle nor smile one time. I saw Blackamicians having a gala affair going Michelle-high on disgruntled coloreds all day and don’t have one fuck to give. I will not give it a chance cuz its black no more than I will continue to step in the name of love cuz the fucka that wrote it is black.

good times
I said it wasn’t important, but I wanted yall to see the money behind this.

Now listen, I blame us. This was not a secret project – its inception was well documented in a number of publications including this Variety article from 2020. I mean we literally rose hell and started a social media campaign against Confederate, an HBO series that sought to explore what would have happened if the South had won the war. Yep, that urgent and necessary content was helmed by none other than the creative team behind the dragon show on HBO. Man we shut that shit down. But alas, 2017 wasn’t 2020. I blame Covid for our collective miss on this mess here.

Firstly, this is Reggie Evans, the grandson of James Evans Sr, which means that in the last 50 yrs there has been no upward mobility for this clan as they are still in the projects….one of the last remaining projects but the projects, none the less. I know that sounds inspiring to me. He says something in the trailer bout holding his family down like his Grandfather….man whatever.

good times
And fuck your daddy for not wearing one and also your grandfather, yall lineage aint shit!

Secondly, there is a drug dealing sex obsessed baby, Dalvin Evans, and look I don’t care who Stewie loves and where he wants them to love him, I don’t find shit funny about a baby slanging crack, that one Dave Chapelle joke notwithstanding.

good times
White folks coming to the hood to buy drugs. GROUNDBREAKING

The stereotypes are crippling. In a time when we are fighting to have our history not be erased nor our contribution to society being questioned, this feels so wrong. Pimps, hoes, crack, rats, guns, and shootouts. Issanope….no matter how much of this may be part of our current reality, I have no desire to escape to this world.

good times
oh look, a pipe and some rats….a two legged one; a 4 legged one.

I touched on this in my previous paragraph, but the presence of guns in this trailer is an immediate turn off. We are living this reality. From sea to shining sea, gun violence is an issue, and when seemingly played for laughs……

good times
no caption needed

If I may posit one good thing about this show, it’s that he shows up.

good times

If you wanna know what black folks signed up for this….

good times

Yall going to Cabrini Green in the TWENTY FO? Holla at me…so I can clown you.

good times

Press play to watch the hilarity ensue!

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