#AJLT: C-Line Style Cap

Yall know what time it is…fashion can be late, but style never is cuz its timeless….And even if we dont always love the storylines, we gonna always go up over the styles and who better to do just that than my favorite fashionista and her fave thing to write, C-Line Style Cap! Get out ya fashion bibles, thesaurses and translator apps, cuz my homey gets down for the fashion crown!


And Just Like That… we have SEASON 2!

Warm my heart fathagod with the fashions because after the BET Awards and my time in Vegas, ya girl needs to feel the warmth of the fashions. 

Ya boy Max was nice enough to bless us with two episodes to kick it off and I could not be happier.  With that being said, I loved the opening “night night” scene as all of the ladies embrace their own sexyness as they head to bed. Since Miranda is in the West, she’s hours behind so she’s in a Miranda style dress (that’s no compliment).  Carrie shimmies to the bed an oversized New York Times sweatshirt which clearly belongs to her “special friend”. This was surprisingly sexy, I gotta admit it.  Lisa (MVP!) slithers into the bedroom in a cobalt blue Tom Ford kaftan – our cousin stole the montage but I’ll continue!  Charlotte and Seema came ready for business, Mrs York-Goldenblatt in a black silk gown and Seema in olive. The professor cued up Netflix and Facetime in an olive silk chemise. Why did I include these you may ask?  Well, lingerie matters and it’s one thing that makes women feel next level sexy. The only thing sexier is when you take it off!

Yes, Carrie is my forever fave but baybeeeeee…. Lisa and Seema are so damn chic! I’d like to forecast that both will snatch fashion souls this season.  

So… the girls are heading to The Met Ball!  Charlotte arrives at Carrie’s with Richard Burton the Bulldog in a Samantha Sung shirt dress. Richard Burton is in Burberry (((pooch sigh))). I chased my tail looking for the designer of Carrie’s jumpsuit only to learn it’s a vintage wedding dress that was converted into a jumpsuit – GENIUS!  While the ladies are leaning into the fashion houses for their looks, Carrie is rolling with an indie. So what is the theme???


As they prep, Lisa preps in a red Coco DeMer bodysuit and light fingerwaves before giving her husband his “8 minutes) – SUPER SEXY!  She leaves for The Met in a red long sleeve georgette Valentino gown with a breathtaking train and headpiece of red feathers!  Take me to the king!!!!  Charlotte leaves her condo in an unnamed gilded age corset dress which really would have gone well with her husband’s awful tophat and tails – barf.  Seema left her home in a dramatic champagne colored hooded gown. Now I know it sounds awful but I swooned when I saw the hood hug her retro curled bang. There’s something about her swag that elevates her overall style POV. Carrie’s indie look fell through and chose my personal fave from her arsenal…. her Vivienne Westwood wedding gown complete with the teal bird veil and cape. 

That’s right, repurpose your pain!

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