Just Like What? 2.2

Welcome to Just Like What? THEE definitive And Just Like That Recap….

Miranda: more che/miranda sex huh? okay girl…ohhhh I had forgot that she is an alcoholic….at least she has these AA meetings to give her something to do, cuz aside from blowing che and looking unstable, ms mamas aint got much going on. Oh but here we find her, phoneless and drug free at the beach, being picked up by her gay lovers husband…dun duh derrrrrrrrrrr, well we didnt see that coming.  Lets see how Miranda is going to fuck up this Tony Danza dinner she is arriving late and stank as fuck, literally and figuratively.  Good thing she doenst go there…she takes her ass home and waits to confront che, who tells her she was married and just never got around getting divorced, which, sorry ABC execs, makes her more black than irish/italian/mexican.  This leads her to the announcement that she doesnt know Che, and Che’s all like SUPRISE, I dont know me either. True shit right there. 

Carrie: doesnt want to talk about vaginal suppositories and I cant really blame her.  Her being a sex writer and refusing to “mention it all”leads to her podcast being cancelled…and her Tuesday nights….sad, I guess to see them go. 

Charlotte: parenting issues continue…I dont have kids so I dont care. Her kid sold some sentimental clothing to be able to afford her new keyboard is charlotte is verklempt. These drags out….Charlotte wants one of the dresses returned and like everyone watching, Im wondering why she just didnt buy it back.

LTW:  oh we doing talented tenth story lines on here huh? is the paper bag test going to be on here next? Can I just say, I woulda throat punched her monster in law…you aint gonna talk shit bout me in my own got damn house and this person you shitted out your box better not let you either.  MKAY? Her husbands uppity mom in law, sporting pink and green, is mortified at her sons irritation at not being able to get a cab.  In NYC, in this year of our Lord and Uber/Lift, cabs are passing fares?  I dont buy it, but they are def selling this as a storyline. And dont be just walking your old ass up in my bed room when I just announced it was mommy/daddy time.  

– that pigeon purse is one of the most abhorrent things Ive ever seen on this show.

– Morehouse, Selma, “The Rules” mentioned this episode.

– They done dug Tony Danza out the crate.

– Why is miranda so constantly awkward at Che’s shows.  Youre a nooyawker for chrissakes. act like you’ve been somewhere.

– why is carrie sleeping in a double bed?

Professor Braids: her man wants a baby….and a white woman sometimes, but a baby.

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  1. Kyra Richardson Smith

    I hated the mother in law and them for not checking her. I was mortified myself they she was donning pink and green acting a gatdamn fool.

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