Just Like What? 2.1

Welcome to Just Like What? THEE definitive And Just Like That Recap….Imma just write this as it goes as I dont know if I wanna commit my wit to this show, but….nostalgia.

We open the show with everyone coming out to their men…and their Che…sigh…except Professor Braids.  She’s coming out to my favorite sneaky link, my tv. <3 

Carrie: fucking her producer, and he’s a silver fox, so Ill allow it. She gets weirded out when her producer asks her out…and needs advice from Che to go out on a date.  A woman that’s been offering dating advice since her hair was its natural color brown is asking a gay woman for advice on a man….thanks to the writers that had che say “im a gay woman, I have no idea whats going on in that man head,” cuz duh. She gets her.  

SEEMA IS STUNNING. But aint going to the met cuz she is having lunch earlier that day with her man and his kid and his ex…i guess. She finds out that he still lives at home with his ex….and breaks it out of there in time to get Anthony bounced out of his gifted Met ticket….thats some real fuckshit. 

LTW: got her own fashion moment crossing the street in that red, yesssssss mama.  And yes for those 8 minutes you got. 

Charlotte and these kids….i guess…I mean I aint really here for them….

There is some titty sucking, which is usually pretty hot, but not this time. 

The gals and their pocfs are off to the Met Gala. If I may….Seema – D, Charlotte – C, Carrie….now, its a b or something, but i dont like the way this show wants us to go up for these old dresses….first, last season they wanted me to think the dress the russian stood her up in was her favorite dress and now the one John James Preston abandoned her in, makes the Met.  nope.


 – Only 3 weeks have passed since the events of last season.

Miranda has really changed..I guess life does that….as she states, its the new her….the best her ever….the jury is still out on that, Toots. And moments later, just like that, she hates the new her…luckily for her, the jury is still out on that one too. I mean I mostly hate her, but Im willing to stick with it. Predictably and sadly, she is still the old her…unsure of herself, doubting her relationships, these chicks def age, but they dont mature. Its nice to see her genuinely be there for Che when she breaks down over her weight.  

– That uber joke everyone keeps dragging was the closing joke of her set. :-/

– Anthony loves balls….glad to see some things stay the same. 

Miranda: so are we gonna get a bachelors degree is lesbianism this season. 

Professor Braids: they done brought shaza out for her this season! okay den, i may commit her name to memory now! This phone sex scene is terrible. What man wouldnt excuse himself to take that call or wouldnt take it at all….no man I know woulda shown that woman in his hotel room, but what the fuck do I know?

SN: Ive always wanted to do a sensory depravation tank but Im terrified of water at night.

If something happened after this, please forgive me…this is where my notes stopped. lol

Im publishing this after I watched up to the most current ep, which I believe is episode 4. I really enjoyed the last two eps and Im feeling very “this my man and im gone stick beside him” bout it.

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