Yall know im all types of assholes for this late ass recap…but i got married and then got my heart broken when my boy turned into, well, it still hurts to say. So Im posting this, and 8 and the finale this week….in the interim im serious about them shirts…how much would you pay for them?

We open up to queen louie in her bad bitch acitvated- B.B.A. its a thing, get into it -suit is clearing out her marital home and ret to go when she gets a page from Franklin, warning her that the DEA is on the way. She hauls her considerable ass out the back door and narrowly escapes a certain future in jail. She runs to Bunky, who tells her he wants half her remaining money in exchange for helping her escape. She agrees. On their way to a property she “has” this nigga needs to hit the pipe which gives Louie some time to search his car, find a gun and asks to see his pager. She finds out Unc absolutely reached out to him the night Kane grabbed her, and she leaves him on the side of he road – alive to take another hit of another pipe another day.

We find both Rueben and Teddy in the clutches of Franklin. Teddy tries to scare them with his ties to the CIA, but Franklin already knows he’s not with the agency no more, Teddy wants him to remain sensible, to which Franklin responds “sensible been gone, muthafucka…” After flying El Oso to the land of freedom, he returns to talk to Teddy, who doesn’t seem to have budged much on giving Franklin a damn thing. These torture talks produced some of my favorite scenes on the show. This is the most honest these two men have been their entire relationship. Eventually The Saint ends up shooting a gun at Teddy in an effort to prove how despearate to get his money, when Cissy arrives to stop him. She implores him to stop, to let Reuben handle teddy. Leon follows with the same advice, and Franklin gives them his ass to kiss. He aint never stopping til he gets his ends.

Now why is his mama there? There was no reason for Cissy to be at that warehouse where men were gonna be tortured I guess so she could have this conversation with Rueben, who tells her the KGB has tapes of Franklin. She then has a convo with Teddy, where she demands to know what happened to her husband. Cissy doesn’t understand how he doesn’t feel guilty about destroying an entire generation and teddy’s like bitch, how you don’t feel guilty bout it? She was just about to walk out when Teddy tells her he drugged him and put him in a Puerto Rican prison…aye dios mios!

V tells Franklin that they are running out of both time and money….and the time part she can assist with…..she turned the gas on literally…..she took tp warmin up some crisco for her baby daddy to give to Teddy and well…..that naker ended up on pork rind time. I love the convo that followed….Franklin asked what we all wanted to know….why did he take ALL his money. Teddy spouted some patriotic bullshit and Franklin stops him cold. Teddy hits him with the truth….he’s the HNIC, not Franklin and he can do what he wants. Franklin keeps pushing and Teddy finally tells him, he stole all the money cuz he wanted to hurt Franklin because he “left” him….they both fight back a tear, although its hard to tell whether Teddy is sad or his skin is afire, but a tear is a tear. Teddy then proposes a deal, they will split the money. Franklin agrees to this, which pisses Cissy off to NO end. She offers to go with Franklin to hand off Teddy to the CIA, but tells him she will never see her again if he frees Teddy, Franklin says cool………this plan is going well, until Cissy begins pestering Teddy about Alton again, but this time he gives her the bitter truth…Alton is dead, he shot his ass and dumped his body…..Cissy immediately gives him what he is looking for at just the moment he is about to make the final transfer to Franklins account…she pulls out a gun and shoots him, leaving us all dying to the sound of a dead phone. I am not okay. And I know I am not going to be anymore okay moving forward.

In a great moment we see El Oso getting a new lease on life…sad to see him go but happy to watch him leave. Franklin flies him to somewhere and they share a fond moment where they joke about Oso returning to the ring as The Saint.
I dont want you to be a killer…UH MAAM YA TOO LATE
Cissy told Vee to have the tallest glass of shut the fuck up.
Havemeyer smoote walked off on all them nakers and they mess….

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