Powerful Thoughts 6.14 – The Tate Brothers

I waited #24 hours to write and post this out of respect to one of the greatest to ever do it….Kobe – and all the others who perished, you will be missed.

Larenz got LAHmaRD or whatever his name is, a job. A job where their probably real life dynamic played out. The blessed older brother clashes with the workhorse younger brother. A stretch if ever one existed.

Thanks for reading, thats it. God Bless.

Kidding..kind of. Upon first viewing of this ep, I thought it was another wasted opportunity, kinda like Paz, but with more investment, cuz we’ve been watching Alderman Larenz do his thing for a couple seasons now. Howsinever, I watched – for the first time – Power Confidential, where they essentially told me, explained a couple things, like how powerful Larenz’s performance was. Which led me to re-watch and I agree. I love Larenz Tate and why he doesnt get more flowers, Im confused about.

One of our earliest scenes is with Ceddy Bear and his son Ceddy Bear Jr getting their literal Shylock (look it up) on by securing a pound of flesh from a child molester, who they soon go on to kill. They soon get a call from Larenz asking for the Ceddy Bears to come kill Ghost. They happily accept!

This ep finds Alderman Larenz and his requisite Black Man Hoodie on the run! He goes to see Lorette, goes to the Church House of the On The Take Reverend. He goes to meet with the Ceddy Bears to get them to stop the hit on Ghost after a visit from Det. Rosie Perez, who wants to work with Larenz to jail Ghost. The meeting with the killers doesnt go as planned, as Ceddy Bear Sr was all “I aint ride all the way up here listening to Charlie Pride for no damn reason. Either we kill the target or we kill you.” Seems like a pretty easy choice. We then get treated to the full scope of the warehouse shooting. Ceddy wasnt working for the EYEtalians…he was freelancing! And got killed for all his trouble, which sends Ceddy Bear Jr (CBJ) on a murderous mission.

All this time, for some reason, Larenz is staying with his brother, earnest NYPD Cop, KaHMaRD and his family after a drunken night. This is where CBJ catches up with Larenz and gives the big villian speech about killing Larenz and why and why the caged bird sings and what Tribe is saying on Electric Relaxation, before KaHMaRD gets the drop on him and sends him to see his daddy. Awww, I love family reunions.

Oh, I forgot to mention him swinging by Truth to give Jamie the heads up about the hitters coming his way, which Jamie HILARIOUSLY rebuffs. “You bitch ass just dont know when to quit,” Jamie tells him and one squirt of pee came out as I laughed at that line.

Ahem….So Alderman Larenz and Cop KaHMaRD are going to report the shooting, which was clean as far as the cops are concerned, when little brother gives big brother the speech he probably wanted to give his whole entire real and acting life. He tells him how lucky he is and how things have always worked out for him and it occurs to me that any one of these characters could be talking to Ghost. I wondered if thats what drew them to each other. Ghost always wins….until this whole getting murdered thing.

After leaving the police station, KaHMaRD gets a call about a shooting at Truth where they learn of a fatality. Larenz is shook as he just paid Dre to go kill Ghost and its looking like thats what happened. He gets interviewed on scene and gives a rousing speech that his prompts a “this nigga” look from his brother, who can smell the bullshit a mile away.

He later gets a visit from Lorette and the DNC guy who offer to make him LT. Gov in the wake of Ghosts death and he laughs in their faces….the DNC now needs him, he dont need the DNC. Its GOVERNOR or nothing. DNC agrees. Alderman Larenz gets the nom and gives a rousing Obama like speech. NEW YORK LEADS THE WAY!

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Larenz looked like he came on himself when Det. Perez came and said she wanted to work with him to take down James.
  • That coffee shop bukkake scene was some mess.
  • The Return of Stern! I LOVE TO SEE IT.
  • It was nice to see him get back at both Ramona and Curly Head Light Skin.
    • He straight told her to get her shit and try to catch Ramona. LOL
  • I’d like to mention the part where he learns dre has been killed in jail, but I saw it so long ago, I cant remember where that falls in the ep, but yes, he learns Dre was killed in jail, which clears the way for him to get to Albany.

So here we are, at the end of the line, with only one ep of our show left.

MY PREDICTION: Tariq shoots him, Tasha arrives and snatches the gun from her son, just in time for Tommy to look up and see her holding it, which prompts his angry reaction.

Whatchall Think?

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