Powerful Thoughts 6.15 – The Grand(less) Finale.

Well we’ve reached the end of the line kiddos…kinda. And what a ride it was. Remember Lobos – how funny he was? Remember when they used to have hot sex scenes on this show? Remember Shawn and his dumb ass face? Remember Milan and his bespoke suits? Remember when they made Jamie an alcoholic and he killed that drunk driver? Remember the first time you heard Big Rich Town? Remember the first AUSA, nah, me neither.

Anyhoo…during my reflection on this show, I realized that most issues could have been solved if someone just shared the tiniest bit of information, like say um, if some shithead kid woulda said “mom, I blackmailed Saxe into blaming dre for dad’s killing” instead of “its cool, I handled it, go to bed”, we would have never been treated to the sight of Tasha sans wig, but Courtney Kemp and her writing team have a love/hate relationship with their fawning public and a fervent need to remind us that “Power never Dies” or “Power never Ends” or whatever. So lets get into this final Power recap.

Whooooo lawd this finale sucked ass. I dont think we needed to be treated to alternate versions of scenes like Tommy going to kill Tasha or Dre threatening her at the day care, or the Elisa Marie diner scene – we’ve seen these ad nauseum at this point. I will concede that it was interesting was thatOne thing I did take note of and with this show, im not sure if its lazy writing or brilliant, to have Jamie turn into……*cue dark music*



  • “….and stop selling drugs.”
  • “…tasha green, the half smart chicken head who’d still be in the hood if it wasnt for me.”
  • “…and I cant believe you got your sister killed”
  • “nigga how many times you lied to me?”
  • “….very disappointed in you….again.”

He was so purposely evil, it didnt even seem like the same person we’d grown to love/hate/lust after and I wondered if that was how he really talked to folks or if that was there perception of him. One thing I do know is that in that Tommy/Ghost death scene, my ears heard and my eyes saw (thru the magic of closed captioning, which I cannot watch teevee without), that he said “let HIM go.” We all know who him is now.

Now on to the second pic of this recap…..which we will be using to describe plots points as weak as……

Tasha’s Edges

  • Her fear that Ghost running for office would expose them all.
    • Hasnt Ghost been investigated to death already?
  • Dre gives Tariq the gun BEFORE he takes him to Truth cuz Tariq is so trustworthy.
  • Tasha just got proof of Lakeisha’s duplicity on the kitchen table.
  • The whole Tariq goes to school/teacher selling drugs thing ….that nigga dont go to school.
    • A security guard just gonna ask Tariq if he knows anything bout a teacher selling drugs…yeah okkkkkk.
    • When it happen?
    • How long its been going on?
    • Why it happen?
    • Why was she shocked to see him with a gun?
    • Why she need to be there fucking dude when the cops came a knocking?
    • Why they drive past a very visible Truth?
      • Why Tasha tell him she knew a short cut when they’d past Truth 45 minutes prior?
  • Does Truth have not ONE security camera?
  • Does Truth have not ONE locking door?
  • Tariq just gonna change his murder clothes at Truth with sirens blaring?
    • And why did he leave said clothes and his bookbag AT Truth in a fucking garbage can with Saxe and Det Rosie Perez RIGHT THERE TO SEE HIM?
  • Why would a person trade away their shares to a club in exchange for a college education that he clearly could have gotten without trading away a financial future?
  • How in the ENTIRE FUCK could Saxe be welcomed back into office, Mak’s cosign notwithstanding.
  • HOW does a married woman get NOTHING?

I could go on with the Tasha’s Edges Plot Points, but why?


That’s really all you need to know.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Soon as I saw Q in the credits, I knew how this was gonna play out.
  • Oooh look, Tariq in a durag – he’s a tough lil gangsta aint he?
  • Tariq: just dont hang her off a building
    Tommy: thats just for family.
  • If Pink Panther dont get her ass up outta here in that fugly assed suit.
  • Werent the feds supposed to leave Jamie alone after that whole wrongful murder conviction?
  • These people have never heard of the state of Illinois if they think holding political office will shield you from the long arm of the law.
  • Here this lil bitch goes with the “you confess dad”
    • why does he think he’s entitled to know his parents past misdeeds?
    • why he aint mad at his mama like he’s mad at his dad?
    • NIGGA YOU AINT EVEN KNOW BREEZE…chill your balls, lil one.
  • Who else was hoping for Ghost to dogwalk Tariq just one time for our minds?
  • How Tasha get her keys back to Ghosts whip?
  • Q – like Paz – should have known better than to have a gun just laying or is it lying around when he has a true toddler in his home?
  • Tariq displayed some smarts by not texting his mother a murder plot.
  • 50 and them day glo chiclet teefus just had to show up, didnt he?
  • GHOST? How your son gonna go on the campaign trail with you when he’s in prison, make it make sense WRITERS.
  • Ghost shoulda tackled that fool soon as he saw that gun.
  • All this agita cuz Tariq’s daddy left his mother for another woman.
  • What the fuck was Saxe doing at Truth?
  • Do we REALLY have to suffer thru Saxe trying to take Tariq down in the BOOK OF GHOST?
  • So Jamie had time to include Paz in his will, but not one thought to take out Raina?
  • Tariq just went on a registered for school, even smiling in his ID pic, while his mother was being booked on murder charges, huh?

Well, folks…thanks for continuing this ride with me. Maybe we will meet again in this space to discuss one of the many many, power spinoffs, but I wouldnt look for me to be discussing Power IV: Influence….Tate wasnt all that interesting on the show, cant see how he would be on his own show. Power Book II: Ghost- probably,  Power Book III: Raising Kanan – maybe, and Power Book V: Force, with Tommy? OH INDEED.

Power S6 Key Art, Image IDs: PWS6_022419_0354

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