Where to start, where to start?  Cuz we all know how it ends….


The Feds are Dead

But boy, didnt they have life for quite some time?  We open this ep right where the last one ended, with all the feds assembled in the Angie room.  They lay out their evidence against her and tell her she aint got no choice other than to cooperate. By this point, Attorney Shazza has joined Angie trying to get her the best deal possible, when Angie tells them fools they aint got no evidence and if they did they would have made arrests by now – FAX ANGIE.  FAX.  She then tells them she wants 24 hours to consider their offer and the countdown is ON! Apparently they werent ready for her resistance, as they have to regroup and hit the pavement, putting pressure on anyone they think would even dream of flip on Ghost and Tommy.  They visit Lala, who even tho Tommy just smooth went off on her and Tasha just proved how much of a shit ass friend she was, is and will always be, refused to budge from her former testimony.  They have the newly returned and named Deliterious “Terry” Silver in their office to have him try and get Tasha to flip.  They even go straight to Tommy, in what will be their most successful attempt at justice, and tell him how Angie knew bout his dad being an informant and what she possibly did with that information – give it straight to her bae, his brother Ghost.  Unfortunately for them, none of these folks are willing to “break team”, an obnoxious overly used non familiar term the writers employed like they were playing a fucking drinking game.  Then to make matters even worse, they get word of Dre’s deal and the fact that Deliterious is missing and they know, the jig is up – their case is dead in the water.  With his tail tucked between his legs, Mak returns to his office to pack it up and head for the simple life of DC and Saxe…poor poor ball saxe is relegated to trying to still use their ear witness to catch Ghost.  How pathetic.  Apparently, our kids are safe….for now.

D as in Dre, Duress

This nword gotta had been born during whatever astrological month or timeframe is represented by a cat, cuz he got more lives than one.  He has escaped the clutches of our fearless heroes several times. He has escaped the clutches of the various groups of hitters our fearless heroes have sent for him.  This time, we get him MID STROKE – barf btw – butt booty nekkid – double barf – fending off two killers sent by Alicia, who must have talked to Christobal to find out that Dre knew where they were gonna be or else, why would she send folks for someone she just demoted? So wham boom bang with a lil assist from baby mama, Dre disposes of the two sent to kill him.  He realizes he needs protection and that the only one that can offer it is Angela.  He arranges a meet with her where he agrees to her scheme to implicate Alicia in the murders of Lobos and Sandoval instead of her and her pals.  He agrees, but later we find out when he is talking to ol’boy, he’s gonna get witness protection for him and his daughter – fuck da mama – but he’s def gonna implicate Ghost and Tommy, thereby returning to Alicia’s protective bosom and taking out his enemies in one fell swoop.  Ol Boy is not pleased with this plan and dimes him out to Tommy, who relays this tidbit to Angela, who comes up with an even better plan.  Once Dre is at the meeting spot with Angela, several peeps try to take him out – peeps who are not in on the plan, which means they are purposely shooting him but missing, again proving my cat theory.  Cornered he busts thru a window, where a fed van conveniently pulls up (for the second time this season) with Agent Tampico there on Angie’s behalf with a document Dre must sign implicating Alicia or he gotta get out the truck.  Sounds like he signed under duress to me and it will be interesting to see how Angie – er, or someone – makes this stick next season.

Breaking Team

The most poorly aligned and duplicitous and non trust worthy team outside of the Dump White House has assembled in an abandoned school that Angie somehow has the entry code to.  She’s called this quorum to tell them about the case the feds have lined up against them for their various crimes, one of which Tommy is VERY upset about being included in cuz he NEVER SAID HE DID THAT SHIT. In fact he is so upset, he pulls out his blue crayon and writes a note bout killing Angie and passes it down to Tasha, who nixes the idea for now.  They all leave with their tasks for the day, Angela needs to neutralize Dre, Tasha needs to neutralize Keisha, Jamie needs to neutralize Proctor and Tommy, well he just needs to stay off the coke he sobered up from VERY QUICKLY.  If you read this thing, you would know how Dre gets neutralized so no need to rehash that.  Proctor is summoned to Truth and after he proves that he isnt wearing a wire, he warns Jamie about Silver and Angela and how she can NOT be trusted, which Jamie’s lovesick ass ignores…for the moment.  Tasha in one of the worst performances I’ve seen yet, arrives on a tear stained Keisha’s doorstep all “ay yo, bitch, you need to continue to shut the fuck up or its on” and Im legit stunned at how tonedeaf this moment is.  Tasha, who finessed Shawn, the NYPD, Silver, the 9/11 Commission, The Sterns, the FBI and the Benghazi Panel somehow couldnt walk in her friends crib and massage her very obvious wounded heart.  Keisha tells her she aint no snitch and to get the fuck out her apartment her life.  Tasha does and immediately gets Tommy on the case, armed with a bottle of red wine and a cocked pistol…which one she gets is up to Keisha, who cant see this man turn into elasti-girl in front of her eyes. Okay whatever.  She pledges her allegiance to Tommy, while sounding EXACTLY like Holly bout why he can’t trust Ghost.  Luckily for her he agrees this time. Armed with the knowledge that Angie knew bout his dad, he links up with Tasha, who is pissed bout Silver missing AGAIN after giving her some garage dick, they both head out to Angie’s to kill her.  She gets a reprieve for whatever reason cuz the pics she took of Teresi could lead back to her which would be a problem for them, which doesnt explain why they dont kill her, but hey, that will get dealt with in a moment.  Seemingly at the same time, Proctor re-emerges telling James the case aint dead, there is a woman witness, which he believes strongly and wrongfully is Angela.  Jamie summons her to the school again and they do their dumb ass AngeLAMES dance bout trust and lying and she cant for the life of her just answer the fucking question about whether she is testifying against him or not and he cant just say he didnt killed Deliterious (he did).  He finally relents and lies that he didnt kill him and they embrace and kiss and all that shit at which point Angela looks to the heavens and sees a devil – Tommy primed up to shoot ghost for setting him up to kill his dad and she pushes her paramour to the side and catches a bullet to the heart…the team is irrevocably broken….and we get a good ghost scream.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Lala’s red lippy was POPPIN.
  • Blanca Rodriguez, please get some dick or some bidness
  • Tasha and them big ass purses can go to hell.
  • Ghost a bitch.  im not sure why I wrote that in my notes, but im sure you can find a reason to make it so. Some possible reasons:
    • Ghost and this speech bout him and Tommy being brothers and how no one should come between them.
    • Ghost wanna reminisce with Angie on the love they had while they are fighting for their lives and freedom.
  • LOL at Tommy and Tasha saying “not you” when Ghost went to check Angie.
  • These nwords not trusting angela is REE-DICK.  Almost everything she did this season was for these assholes and their kid.
  • Why Ghost got keys to that woman’s crib? Did he get them back with his items when he got out of jail last season?
  • This whole ear witness thing is some bull.
  • The fed van pulling up at the right time in the right place is the second time this was employed, the first being when Kanan rescued the boys earlier this season.  LAZY WRITING.
  • MC Lytes wretched ratchett ponytail…I know someone saw that shit.
  • Keisha should really look at what she is becoming…what you resist, persists, sis.
  • Tommy, fuck you with all that Ghost shoulda came to you shit.  He was coming to you all season, you never listened.
  • It should have been zero daylight pouring thru the windows during that final scene at the school.  Jamie was just having dinner alone prior to going.  Hey maybe it was a street light, huh?

Hey Guys…its been a season…thanks for rocking with my habitually late ass, but hey, I got this one in on time. Whats good for next season?  Ghost vs. Tommy seems to be where we are heading FINALLY.  Yall think Angie dead? For some reason, I do not….maybe the reason below:



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  1. Oh Mya….I hate that I won’t have anymore of your updates just as much as I hate the season has ended!! What will next season bring us?? Angie can’t be dead and if so I’m sure Ghost will “have a plan” to revive her! Maybe we’ll also find out where these kids be at all the time (Yaz, Cash and whatever Dre’s baby’s name is and why is she still in a crib and smaller than she was 3 years ago which is about the last time we saw her???).
    Thank you for all the laughs you’ve brought me this season and looking forward to Powerful Thoughts 6.1!!

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