Surviving R. Kelly – Ep.1 Thoughts

Last night a fearless team of women including, Dream Hampton, Jamilah Lemieux and Tarana Burke saw the fruits of the labor come to fruition in the form of the first two parts of a six part documentary called Surviving R. Kelly. Here’s some of my thoughts in no particular order.

  • this may get me in a bit of hot water with a member of my homegirls crew, but where were these girls parents? 14 years old, travelling with a grown ass man? 17 and allowed to travel out of state with him? I know we all did things our parents didnt know about, but cmon. My old black mama saw me jump in the back of a car with someone SHE didnt know one day and cancelled the fuck out my junior prom…and THATS why I wasn’t there classmates….true story.
  • Question: They handing out blue contacts at the County?
  • Question: Do people that possibly wear blue contacts at the county think that liking young girls is a preference akin to liking hot crunchy curls over flaming hots?
  • Monsters have teams. Dr. Mclin? #teamkelz Sparkle #teamkelz That crackish looking “tour manager” of his? #teamkelz I mean really, how does one sit up and laugh about forging documents that lead to a 15 year old girl marrying a sexual predator. Demetrius Smith, you are a disgrace.
  • Where was Jim Derogatis? Not to take away from the aforementioned women, but Jim has been in the trenches in this story for a long assed time as well. His reporting lead to the initial charges being brought against Kelz.
  • This man was Trump before Trump. Hiding his heinous misdeeds in plain sight so no one would say anything and for the longest time we didn’t.
  • FULL DISCLOSURE: I honestly had to stop myself from humming a couple times.
  • This muthafucka paid Aaliyah’s family $100 to not pursue legal action and more importantly, THEY ACCEPTED IT. Again, Im left asking, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS?
  • How did Andrea Kelly, a self proclaimed Chitown girl, not know who RKelly was?
  • Sex with this diseased monster lead to a beautiful 17 year old GIRL almost being paralyzed for life due to contracting Guillain-Barré after catching mononucleosis from his dirty ass.
  • “You are not alone” was about a child he raped losing his child.
  • Sparkle bout to catch this whole bullet point with that lop sided bun and uneven bangs on her empty ass head. You KNEW. You knew. He tried to control you. You were old enough to know his history and you took a 12 yr old around him. You couldn’t spend the night at homes where young men were present and you took a child around a child molester. I hope that wonder of that one hit was worth it.

That’s it for now. See yall Ep 3 and 4.

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4 thoughts on “Surviving R. Kelly – Ep.1 Thoughts”

  1. I agree with the “where were the parents?” Question in regard to children traveling with this man. That was definitely a parental failure. Sparkle is an accessory and needs to be treated as such. Period!

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