Surviving R. Kelly – Episode 3 & 4 Thoughts

Friday night brought about parts 3 & 4 of this harrowing tale. Here are my thoughts in the order they occurred.

  • Andrea Kelly still confounds and confuzzles me about her being confounded and confuzzled. HOW didnt you know? HOW? He married Aaliyah and we all knew.
  • This fool was actually administering lie detector tests to people. Jesus wept.
  • Kels was attending a child’s basketball games. Its one thing to hunt where you live – KENWOOD – and MAY have had a plausible excuse as to why you were there, but how brazen of this monster to go to an Oak Park school to stalk his prey.
  • Sparkle is inspiring ZERO sympathy from me at the 1/2way mark in episode 3. Im seeing alot of Kavanaugh tears.
  • Lisa aborted their child because she was frightened it may be a girl who may grow up to be molested by her father. Horrifying.
  • Andrea got pregnant AFTER the sex tape. Again, she knew.
  • Funny how Kelz knew to run straight to church after bonding out of jail…..the black church is a whole nother blog SERIES that someone more knowledgeable will have to undertake.
  • Shadow employee said they didnt think it was Kelz on the tape although they never saw it…..ignorance is bliss and a requirement for working for that monster.
  • We are now at the top of ep 4 and Sparkle is still on my shit list.
  • I wonder why Drea is still wearing that monsters name and dancing in cars chairjuking to his music while extolling her “baby daddy” even tho she sobbing all thru this documentary.
  • It took 6yrs for that trial to start. Innocent people usually want speedy trials to clear their names.
  • R. Kelly is a cheap bastard. 100 to Aaliyah. 100k for Carey to tell the “truth” whatever that is.
  • This trash bag was fighting child porno allegations and child molester accusations and still scoping out victims AT THE COURTHOUSE where he was fighting those charges. The Trump Hubris of it all.
  • 1/2 thru ep 4 Sparkle finally gets some goodwill from me by saying how she turned down money to do a public press conference clearing his name. Good for you. Ill soon learn you released a song at the conclusion of all this, so this goodwill is short lived.
  • Listening to this elderly non black male juror talk bout how he didnt like the victims appearance – how they looked, how they dressed – tells you everything you need to know bout how the world views black girls.
  • Jerhonda thought telling a child molestor she was a 16 year old virgin was gonna be a problem. He ended up taking her virginity from the back. OUCH.

Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of this story which is nothing short of a nightmare and literally brought tears to my eyes.

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3 thoughts on “Surviving R. Kelly – Episode 3 & 4 Thoughts”

  1. Sparkle’s niece’s parents…whew chile!! The dad still playing bass on R Kelly albums after this happened? Kellz sure knew how to pick em!

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