Surviving R. Kelly – Episode 5 & 6 Thoughts

First, and Im unsure where to start, I want to say these two things. These last two episodes literally brought me to tears. One of my good girlfriends said her 18 year old daughter had to sleep in a chair in her room because she was so terrified over what she saw. Second, for the Kelly Apologists, the “thats my boy no matter what”, the women who can fix their mouths to look down or cast judgement on these girls/women, lets assume you can look past his predilection for young women, I honestly submit to you, there is something fundamentally wrong and broken inside of you, that you can look at someone that displays such animalistic cruelty towards others and still find someway to defend such a true terrorist in the black community. You must see something you relate to in a man that strips young women of their dignity and self worth – whether they have it for themselves or not- and I hope your soul is saved one day.

On to my show thoughts in the order they occurred.

  • How did I forget this thing sang at Whitney’s funeral.
    • and what a spectacle of a funeral it was. Them fucking pastors standing up to co-sign and do their “yes gods” behind this fucking monster. The worst parts of the black church continue to disappoint.
  • As they went thru the montage of his songs, I wrote in my notes: “RKelly’s bench is so deep.” His songs are literally the soundtrack to some of our lives. As Tarana said in the doc, throwing him away is throwing alot of our memories away and that can be difficult to reconcile.
  • KITTY JONES, we need to talk. I have questions…that I wanna ask a 33 year old woman in the music industry. Most importantly, how did anything about his past escape you? How you aint know? Were you willfully ignorant or just ignorant. I cram to understand how a hip hop dj was unable to grasp just who she was fucking with.
  • Also, Kitty – how does a fully functional adult go from adulting to watching someone starve her while eating. Walk me thru that journey.
  • This man is STILL messing with the young lady from the sex tape? MY LORD. This girl had 14 yrs of innocence before she was stripped of her own free will forever.
  • Kelz’s tv viewing habits, per Kitty, was restricted to Dance Moms. Those girls aint even teenagers. Stalking future prey, perhaps?
  • Michelle Kramer, mother of Dominique Gardner, almost took me to the upper room.
    • what strength to let her daughter go, knowing she couldnt stop her. Her daughter was grown, good and grown when she left to go be with him.
    • a mother’s love is boundless. She had no idea where her baby was staying, but she found her.
    • her hugging that child in the doorway while the girl wouldnt let the door close broke me.
    • i prayed that girl showed up at 6.
    • when she showed up and the hotel management told her the police had been called… the coroner.
    • when Dominique called begging her to stay.
    • them literally walking to the car like runaway slaves on the route to freedom. I couldnt breathe at that point.
  • Why did Kelz have Dominique dressing like a little boy – to the point he made her wear fake moustaches -and what did he do to her in that state?

NOTE: I stopped taking notes and just watched Ep 6, so I may miss some things. If you have anything to add, hit them comments.

  • CLARY FAMILY, can yall pull up a seat next to Kitty, cuz I have questions for yall too?
    • why yall attending Kelz concerts with your young daughters?
    • why yall aint yank the fuck out ya daughters arm and keep her seated when he called her 17 year old ass to the stage?
    • why yall aint immediately delete his number from her phone and block him from calling her?
    • why yall aint ask yallselves and ya daughter who the fuck has R Kelly made a star aside from himself in over 30 industry years?
    • why yall let the fact that LEGALLY he aint been found guilty of anything block the fact that morally you know that he has? Zimmerman aint legally guilty of murder, but yall gonna hire him to head your neighborhood watch? WTF?
    • what the fuck could your daughter have threatened you with that this outcome aint worse?
    • Yall sent one immature daughter to look out for another immature daughter.
    • And even with all my questions, opinions and thoughts, yall still dont deserve this outcome. I pray your child is returned to you.
  • The CPD, the most corrupt police department in these corrupt ass United States of Amerika, contains Kelly moles. COLOR ME SURPRISED.
  • Oh Chancellor, dear sweet, overall wearing, socially conscious Chancellor…you are just a young black boy shaped by the worst parts and identities of our city. I pray that you will continue to grow into a man that strives to right the wrongs of your past.
  • Why are Lenard and Joe Budden in this documentary?
  • Asante McGee…you were enjoying a “normal” relationship with this thing, travelling back and forth between Chi and ATL, when all of a sudden you were told – by an assistant, not your loving boyfriend – to pack a bag cuz you were moving in with him and you just did it? And then when the abuse started you stayed, although this monster was not the man you fell in love with, by your own admission. He turned on a dime and you couldnt escape that?
    • You couldnt go in your bed room but could enter the black room where all those horrid degrading things happen?
  • Faith Rogers, dear sweet Faith. Spent only a few month with this thing before she knew it was wrong. She was only 19. She is the proof that being manipulated has no age nor face. We cannot judge one by another, everybody aint built the same. For every Faith, there is a Joycelyn. I pray her continued strength and hope that herpes lawsuit goes in her favor.
  • Poor Savage Family. Their daughter may be lost forever.
  • Hitting this fuck’s pockets is the only thing thats gonna work and thanks to the tireless work of Orinike Odeyele, she of the #muterkelly movement, concerts are being cancelled all across the country with him not being able to be booked in some venues at all.
  • Did anyone notice this muthafucka got “survivor” tatted on his forearm?
  • How aint nobody, in this here land of goons and gangstas, went at this fools head yet?

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  1. damn it man….yeah…the Clary family gets a major side eye. Big Facts!!!! Hopes and Dreams or naive and wishful thinking..IDK but the end result was dreadful. Also parents who succumb to kids tantrums and demands often lead to disappointing outcomes…

  2. Haven’t watched. But you’d details here. Love this, “We cannot judge one by another, everybody aint built the same.”

    This understanding is divine.

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