Powerful Thoughts 6.1 – Murderers

Remember how Ghost yelled at Dre, to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Well that was me yelling at the tv when I heard young Trigger wailing over Joe’s smooth croon, cept I was yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Im not gonna dwell on it, but can we start a gofundme for Joe to pay back fifty, cuz thats gotta be the reason the executive producer in petty had for changing out one of the few reasons to watch this dumbster fire of a show. And dont be stupid like Ghost, I know its dumpster. Lets get on with this, shall we?


Tommy hates Ghost. Tasha hates Ghost. Paz hates Ghost. Tariq hates Ghost. Keisha hates Ghost. Saxe hates Ghost. USADA Harry Goldenblatt will soon hate Ghost. Jason seemingly will hate Ghost. Dre hates Ghost. Councilman Tate hates Ghost. I hate Ghost. You hate Ghost. Ghost hates Ghost.


Okay if she’s not exactly a liar, she is guilty of misleading the fuck out of an unsuspecting public, as seen above in a screengrab of an interview she did with Deadline magazine at the conclusion of last season. Ol girl died approximately 30 seconds into the show, so while she wasnt technically dead at the end of season 5, she may have well been, unless she’s gonna appear as a ghost haunting Ghost, which is not beyond the pale of this show that had Kanan surviving a fire there is no way in hell he should have survived. Anything is bound to happen on this mofo. And listen, Im not mad she’s dead – I’ve been actively advocating for everyone on this show to die at one point or another and after Holly, Angie was number 2 on my death wish list. RIP Angie…who cares?


And then there were two. Tasha and Keisha. Alternately dumb and smart. OR should I have written Smart and Dumb? Tasha, comes to the smart conclusion that her love, Deliterious “Terry” Silver is dead at the hands of her for now husband. She smartly listens to this fool ass Ghost call Angie the woman he loves and somehow doesnt donkey kick his teeth down his throat. She follows up with smartly telling this fool she wants a divorce. Be like Tasha, Tasha is smart. On the other hand we have the dumb Keisha by Care Credit. Still dumbly (its a word for all intents and purposes of this blog) running up behind Tommy. Still dumbly doing his bidding. Dumbly accepting a gun that has a body on it. Dumbly putting it in her purse. Dumbly not getting rid of it asap. Dumbly letting her “son” almost get to the gun whilst awaiting waffles or pancakes or whatever he was waiting on her inflated ass to make him. Jesus, people. Don’t be like Keisha. Keisha is dumb.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • How dumb is Ghost gonna feel when he finds out Tommy is alive. Made that dumb sadface for no reason.
  • Tommy, Crossroads? YOU FOOL. Get with your black voice coach for you to catch the beat and soul next time.
  • How nice to see Keisha finally being a mother?
  • Tariq
    • how did this fool manage to get both his parents to give him time to do whatever the fuck it was he wanted to do, when he wasnt supposed to be in town anyfuckingway?
  • Ghost and Tommy both need fighting lessons.
  • Ghost stay outta that dead woman drawers please.
  • Why didnt Tommy just tell his primeras that the shipment would be there that night? Poncho all dead for no good reason.
  • Is USADA Harry Goldenblatt gonna be as annoying as all his predecessors? Showing up at Proctor’s daughter’s recital was a John Mak/Gregex P. Keaton/Ball Saxe type move. BARF.

Whaddyall think?

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2 thoughts on “Powerful Thoughts 6.1 – Murderers”

  1. My spirit keeps telling me that this whole season a dream! I will be so pissed.

    Anyway, you are spot on with your reflection of the season premiere..and such the wordsmith!

  2. The jury is still out on the entire approach to this last season. The episode was okay, Ghost is in some deep shit. How can you compell an entire last season with that??? The intro change ? Why ? It’s trash …and I like Trey Song. I’m trying to support the movement …sidenote … Issa Rae ..new show on HBO = trash…the jury is back on that one! Damn Black TV…what is going on…

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