Powerful Thoughts 6.2 and 6.3 – 21 Questions

In honor of Curtis Jackson’s directorial debut, I will co-opt his most (imo) bestest song and ask 21 questions about this declining show.

  1. How happy were we to hear the dulcet tones of Joe back where he belongs?
  2. How unhappy were we to see Rotimi’s unattractive billy goat gruff chin pubes?
  3. Why would Agent Donovan let Rotimi kick that gun away? HUH? WHY?
  4. Where is the “voice witness” against Ghost?
  5. Is Tariq, white boy and afro puff the new Ghost, Tommy and Tasha?
  6. How is Ghost getting money now? 100k every two weeks to Jason and Tasha’s hush money seems kinda steep for him.
  7. Ghost is totally gonna start fucking that DNC chick, right?
    1. and how long til the dark skinned girls start bitching bout how Ghost picked a light skin over tasha. Sorry ladies….this question was asked with love….
  8. A bullet sandwich? WHO IS WRITING THIS SEASON?
  9. What type of politician would let Ghost even sweep up in his campaign, let alone take the stage with him?
  10. What type of keystone kops operation is law enforcement in NYC running?
    1. How the fuck they let:
      1. Dre’s safehouse location get compromised?
      2. Alicia Jimenez get kidnapped?
      3. Lala sit in the toilet with just a “out of order” sign on the door?
  11. How many ADA’s gotta die?
  12. CAN WE ALL JUST SAY: FUCK THE QCP? I dont even know what it is at this point.
  13. Is Tommy’s coat game ever gonna fall off?
  14. Why would Tasha know Tommy was still alive, if Ghost never told her? Lazy Writing.
  15. Why are they sharing all this adult news with Tariq?
    1. Ghost told Tariq bout his “uncle tommy” before he told his soon to be ex-wife? CMON .
    2. Tommy telling Tariq that he was trying to kill Ghost and he will give him a heads up before he kills him.
  16. How Ghost just rolled up on Jason’s HQ to see Tommy’s car shot up like he was posed to be there.
  17. Alderman Larenz passed out them gutshots to old boy didnt he?
  18. Tasha just causually mentioning to Paz how Angela’s benefits would be tied up, was just a twee to bit on the nose, right? If you were worried bout covering up a criminal conspiracy, would you go right to a person’s benefits? LAZY WRITING.
  19. Why would Tasha need to attend the whateverthefuck Ghost constantly asks her to attend? THEY NOT TOGETHER.
  20. Can we decide on a character arc for Lala? Either she’s the bout it gangsta moll or the chick scared everytime there is a knock at the door. There is no inbetween.
  21. With as lazy as the writing has gotten on this show (not to mention this blog), is there any hope for the Power Book 2 spinoff starring Auntie Mary?

Whatchall think?

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6 thoughts on “Powerful Thoughts 6.2 and 6.3 – 21 Questions”

  1. I don’t watch the show but I love your writing style and commentary and for those reasons I enjoy reading Myalogy ?

  2. No hope for the spin off. Cancel it now. Please and thank you. But I am kinda liking afro puff and Tariq having someone his own damn age to talk to. Puff Mama ain’t with the shits and is not trying to get caught so I foresee the goofy roommate being ousted from the business as he should be.

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