Powerful Thoughts 6.4

MYA’S NOTE: Happy Friday from a blogger that should have written and published on Monday! Let me let yall in on something….Im a tv junkie…and its just too much shit on on Sundays. 90 Day Fiancee, Succession, The Affair, The Gemstones and Power…dis tew merch! Now I know what you are saying…but Mya, Power comes on Sunday at Midnight…and you are correct, but Im often too <redacted> to be trusted to take notes, so this blog gets pushed back til I can re-watch and note take, which in this case happened to be Thursday, so shaddup and enjoy.


Question Myalogists: how many drops of pee leaked out when you doubled over in laughter upon seeing Jamie make that angry face and act like he was gonna kill dre with his monogrammed Mont Blanc pen? I mean really…no one is scared of you, my dude. And clearly no one is scared of Dre (which they should be) as this dude is welcomed right back into the belly of the beast. There he is, lurking while Jason is discussing his musical chairs of distros. Oh, there he is allowed to tail a “seasoned” law enforcement official to a witness’s home. Oh and there he is again, entrusted to ride to said witness’s home with his boss. And good golly Ms. Molly, this fool was actually standing up in Ghost’s office all alone. All these folks, truly have forgot about Dre and his duplicitous self serving nature.


What the fuck Tasha? Or more apropos, WHO THE FUCK, Tasha? Now im an active and due paying member of Momma Gotta Have A Life Too or MGHALT, but can you focus on your remaining kid, Ms. Green? Or maybe make sure your surviving twin is spending his days at Choate? Now Shawn, although a stupid ass choice, I get…you were trying to hurt your husband. Deliterious “Terry” Silver, was harder to get, but you were try to heal the hole in your heart by using the one between your legs, so you get a pass on that one as well. But Q? Quentin, Quincy or whatever the hell his name is, uh-uh, no way, forget it. This dude just walks off the street talmbout he heard there was gonna be a day care in this location and before you know it, you in your office licking champipple off his nipples? NO MAAM PAM. My spidey senses are tingling….who is this nigga? who sent him? why he here? As the wife of what was once “the biggest god damn drug dealer in NYC” you gotta be savvier than this. Thank God you told him to put his shirt back on and beat it….now take ya own advice.


WOW o WOW, the writers on this show sure have alot to stay bout mothers, dont they? Good, Bad, and Ugly they are all represented in spades this week. Good? Keisha going out to beat some little kid ass over Cash. Kate pulling Tommy’s stylish coattails about Keisha’s obvious limitations. BAD AND UGLY? Proctor’s ex wife getting caught on tape calling lil Elisa Marie everything but a child of God. Proctor’s ex wife getting high as fuck after learning she failed the state boards. Q’s baby momma choosing drugs over raising lil Sky. Tasha basically Tasha-ing every week.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • way to go scary Jason henchman talmbout how yall gotta meet tommy for the drop later that night. Im sure that info was helpful to absolutely no one except the one mofo looking for Tommy.
  • This little shithead Tariq stealing from his family….no loyalty to anyone.
    • And Tommy let him off waaaaaaaaay to easy.
  • Tommy’s boy does look like an Easter Island statue.
  • Tasha’s angry bounce “im here to handle bidness” walk gives me agita.
  • Nice recall to Holly….she’s the one that suggested an ambulance for Tommy to move product, if Im not mistaken. Someone check on that for me.
  • Ghost really tried to kill Tommy with a perfectly timed crash, a trope regularly used on this show.
    • Question tho, Ghost…how were you gonna escape if the hit went well?
  • Nice fakeout with Ghost donning his gloves before handing Maria the cash and by nice, I mean stupid.
  • Ghost straight just bust up in Tasha’s spot talmbout trust. That nigga funny.
  • How is Vincent the only one seen disciplining Tariq’s dumb ass….everyone on the show shoulda laid hands on that little bitch by now.
  • Proctor really put the cables on his ex. Its almost like he knew she failed that test and just piled on with news of his (ghost?) engagement.
  • Proctor straight Walter White’d his ex. Damn….
  • No way that keychain ends up back in Saxe’s hands….I’d love to see the writer make that happen.
    • Yall know I hate her, so whatever to her and her little red dress, but the way I hollered when Ghost bragged to her that he didnt kill the witness and she replied ” YOU WILL” – Snaps for Angie!

Next week, the return of Tommy and Ghost?

Whatchall think?

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  1. We have seen Q for sure. I believe he’s on a councilman Tate’s roster. I need to go back to confirm this.

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