Powerful Thoughts 6.5


Im sorry, I just dont understand this storyline. Aside from Ramona wanting to fuck Ghost, there is absolutely NO reason for anyone to want him around. And at this point he even knows he shouldnt be around. Let’s run down a brief list of his sins. He is a:

  • former dope boy
  • former murder inmate
  • club owner where multiple people have been shot/killed
  • a constant presence in the US Attorney’s Office

There is literally no campaign in the history of recorded campaigns that would want this nigga running amok, snatching mics like Suge and shouting out a project that literally NO ONE CARES ABOUT except him. Ramona, go head and bust it open for a goon and go on about your bidness like Fancy did all them seasons ago.

Okay, that acronym was a reach, but seriously, this nigga sucks at everything and Im truly confRused as to how this fool still has a job. Firstly, he’s meeting out in the street having a heated exchange with a CI, Dre. Nope nothing to see there…nothing wrong with that at all. Then he gets his ass chewed out by US Attorney Goldenblatt for that aborted hit on Ghost. Then he plants an inadmissible bug in Proctor’s (my poor dear sweet) Proctor’s home that would have NEVER stood up in court. I’m really starting to wonder why folks dont wear a wire when they talking to his dumb ass. Tommy shoulda let two bullets fly in Maria’s apartment, one for her, and one for Saxe…if he dont die by the end of this saga, its a trick to it.


This nigga here musta been on a steady diet of that hippity hop murder music, cuz our hero was handling bidness this week, doing the work that Ghost should have done long ago. There he is, honoring his woman by cutting Tasha off…even tho that came outta left field. There he is killing Maria instead of giving her money. (didnt ghost learn from Holly, money is not the way to get rid of someone.) And finally, putting a turtle sized hole in my heart, killing Proctor, even though he maybe shouldnt have done that, Im not really clear what game Proctor was playing, but no one can accuse Tommy of being a man of inaction. If it needs to be done…call Egan, Tommy Egan.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • So Afro Puff Tasha Jr. is double crossing Tariq.
  • Lawd, Epiphany….no one wants to see you pop lock and drop it.
  • Niggas shaking down a daycare….dats cold
  • Why the FUCK would Ghost sit down and discuss anything with Dre.
    • and how many times this season am I gonna have to ask that question.
  • And now we know how Saxe gets the keychain back. E. Marie’s backpack is just chilling outside the bathroom door. #FOH
  • Tariq is stealing from Tommy again? And allowing himself to get followed by Afro Puff Tasha Jr?
  • Ghost got Tasha outchere returning clothes. Ya hate to see it.
  • Proctor surely was comfortable discussing shit with his cousin knowing Saxe had a wire in his crib. #FOH2X
  • Why does Tasha keep protecting her son from getting his ass whupped?
  • Tasha, if you are gonna ask Tommy if he knew Tariq was selling drugs, how’s about letting him answer before you start rapid firing additional questions at him? MKAY?
  • Tommy flipped on Tasha the way Melo flipped on LALA.
  • Tasha’s new whateverthefuckhewillendupbeing Zig, moves weight according to Epiphany, but he handed her a bunch of bags to move. #FOH3X
  • Tommy sure had a lot of time to let that chopper sing without anyone calling the police in a Tribeca penthouse.
  • Someone please kill Tariq
  • Also, 2 milli for Tariq
  • Why the two biggest drug dealers in NYC aint got 2 million dollars on hand?

Whatchall Think?

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  1. On point, on all accounts. This show is so unrealistic, the storyline makes no sense. Time to wrap it up and kill Tariq!

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