Powerful Thoughts 5.9

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to all my social media friends that have not posted any season finale spoilers….cuz I heard they are out there.  Yall the real MVP and I can tell yall love us forreal.  If you did spoil it, find your mother and ask why she didnt swallow you as opposed to taking you into her womb and giving you the life you obviously dont have cuz you post power spoilers on the internet…you dumb muthafucka….


Are you high? On crack cocaine?  – Proctor

A question that was asked to the feds, but could have been asked of many characters this week?  Ghost, while talkin bout how family dont go behind each other’s back.  Tariq for telling ghost to teach him the the muthafucking game.  Ghost for sitting there making a face and not punching his son thru the concrete for talking to him like that.  Tommy for leaving a dead body out in the open. Angie for not letting the pics be proof of Teresi’s involvement and just HAVING to ask Mak. I could go on, but lets get into this SUPER late ass recap, mkay?

Dre Day

Poor Dre.  After Diego’s head was found on ice in the club, The Basset Group’s plans to have him start to expand their business was also placed there.  As a result he finds himself on the outs with Alicia, who rightfully sees his weakness and decides to promote Cristobal to distro of the fam.  Filled with righteous indignation and a smug shit eatin grin, he summons his former subordinate to his office and assures him all is okay between the two.  Relieved, Christobal shares how the head of the syndicate wants to give him some head and reveals their plans for a rendevous complete with the time and gps coordinates of the meet.  Still on her quest to take down Dre, Angie approaches him at the office and offers him witness protection for information the feds can use against Alicia, an offer he initially rebuffs…until he remembers how jelly he is.  He goes to her unsecured home later and gives up info on Alicia and Christobal’s meet, info that Angie later uses to arrest La Jiminez and her fugly ass distro…Angie returns to the fed spot victorious, or so she thinks…

Angie? You in Danger, Girl

I feel like I cheated and used this headline before and I probably have because she is always in danger.  And I always have to tell her because she never knows it.  She starts off the ep getting berated by a man about trust who should never berate anyone about anything remotely having to do with trust, yet here she stands. Pleading her case to Jamie and letting HIM storm off and tell HER he will call her later.  This lady’s life is basically the shambles and you talmbout how you can trust her again? Boy Bye.  Honey Hush. Sugar Stop.  With Kanan taking the rap for having killed the four NYPD cops and Ray Ray with Tasha’s stolen gun, Lady Fed Boss with the most annoying voice in life, is telling her all boy squad + Blanca to move on from Angie, as she has no connection to Kanan.  With The Great Tasha Stolen Gun Caper of ’18 behind her, Angie feels safe enough to turn her attention to her real job – capturing criminals instead of being one.  She, with Dre’s help takes down the remaining Jimenez sibling, and uses her superiority to demand that Mak inform on his informant, even though she snuck in his office and took pics of his informant.  He tells her bout Teresi and his connection to Tommy.  She IMMEDIATELY goes to her man and tells him, who goes and tells the Italians, who summon Tommy, who kills Teresi and leaves him at the family crypt for all the world to see.  Later that night, Lady Fed Boss summons Angie to the office, specifically the Angie room and tells her the jig is up…they know she is tied to Tommy, they fed her info on Teresi and now Teresi is dead – she needs to come clean immediately….and my and her legs almost fell out from under both of us.

Mama’s Baby; Daddy’s Maybe

Oh, Tommy.  He’s lost SO much…Holly, their unborn child, their dog, his BFF…he’s literally the Robert Barisford Brown of Power – but he still has so much on the line to lose.  As the episode opens, he’s still his daddy’s son.  Rolling round with him, showing him the warehouse, sharing how Milan once offered him cadaver soup, telling him how Ghost used a #3 pencil instead of a #2 on his seventh grade placement test scantron, ya know, just being a good honest boy and his father is responding in kind.  With Connie’s admonishment bouncing around in his head, he just can’t bring himself to pull the proverbial trigger on his son by selling him out to the feds, who are hot on his trail, much to his partner Sammy’s dismay.  Sammy walks right in on Teresi mid-phone call with the feds, where he is putting everything on Ghost and nothing on Tommy.  Sammy, who had a gun put to his head over Tommy, rightfully went apeshit.  Tommy enters right in the middle of their row, demanding to know why his old man and his boy are fighting.  Just as Sammy is about to spill the beans on Teresi’s involvement with the feds, Teresi goes full Soprano and knifes dude repeatedly.  His secret safe for the moment, he has his son help him move the body.  But Tony just thinks he’s safe.  Forces beyond his control were conspiring against him.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, Angie finds out about Teresi’s true nature, which leads to his imminent death. He does his old man a solid and takes him to see his dying wife one mo gin before killing him.  Heartbroken and crestfallen, he returns to the one place most of us feel safe – his drug addled mother’s bosom.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Ghost DEFLEE earned the fuck out that slap from Tasha talmbout more dead kids.
  • Who would drop that rogue ass fucknugget Tariq off at the train station door instead of his dorm room? James St. Dumbasspatrick, dasswho.
  • Ghost, you a little late imploring your kid to show some respect to his family.
  • “Teach me the muthafucking game, Ghost.” – I’ve still no words for this.
  • Blanca, four of your co-workers were just gunned down…dont you have some better shit to do than hang round the fed’s angie room?
  • Jamie gotta chill out with the “trust me” shit…and I find myself writing that too often.
  • LOL at Tommy slurping up them collards.
  • LOL at Keisha thinking Tommy gonna be done with Tasha and Ghost…bitch, yall are Tasha and Ghost.
  • Im unsure of why Keisha dont know Tommy is a killer.  Im from #Chicago – I assume all top level drug dealers are killers. #amIrite?
  • Dre having a lining has improved his haircut greatly.
  • Proctor likes dicks in his ass – literally.  They have nothing on him, yet he keeps playing along.
  • Shawty just smooth walked up in Satriales speaking the Italian didnt he?
  • Anybody can walk in Angie crib…she dont even have top flight at the front desk, do she?
  • Looking at Christobal ol one chromosome missing looking face makes me miss Julio’s sexy ass.
  • Nobody clapped for Angie’s lil victory speech.
  • Blanca gave Angie the same look Angie gave Alicia….karma.
  • Why didnt Proctor tell Jamie he was wearing a wire immediately?
  • Tariq, sweetie….Stark isnt a good last name.  Kanan, Shawn, Eddard, Catelyn, Robb, Rickon, etc…
  • Tommie and his serial killer voice while talking to Teresi bout Holly tried my life.

Next week, for those of us with sensible friends, the extended season finale….any predictions?

Whatchall think?


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