The Miseducation Continues

Whoo chile….the miseducation!

Yall know who lauryn is…I’ve written about my own horror story with her concert here and I am more than certain that you have your own and more than more than certain that if you are still guillable enough to buy concert tickets of hers in 2018 anno domini, you will have your own soon.  One high profile victim, jazz artist Robert Glasper took to the airwaves recently to discuss the other side of her fuckshit, the side visited upon her crew.  My mans Rob held not one punch, spared not one detail – he went allllllllllllllllll the way in on her.   He said she stole music for her magnum opus, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, that she fires crew members and cuts their pay at will, that you cant look her in the eyes, and most shadily, she aint dont enuff to be the way she is….that the one great thing she did (her album), she aint do.  BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN.  Dont believe me? You can listen for your self!




Well it appears that even though Ms. Hill cant always find the time to appear to her performances in a timely manner, she found more than enough time to respond to Mr. Glaspers accusations and get us all together.  She wrote a 3,152 word diatribe on where she addresses him and us…..while simulataneously not addressing him nor us.  A small sample if you will…

-I am paying for a service, and looking for something SPECIFIC, which isn’t up to someone else’s interpretation or opinion. I have my own idea of what works for me. That shouldn’t offend.

Well guess who is else is paying for a service and looking for something SPECIFIC, Lboogie?  The people who buy your concert tickets.

-When you’re a popular artist or public figure, people can sometimes forget that you’re hiring them to perform a service, and that you’re not the one there to entertain THEM.

Apparently, when you are a popular artist or public figure YOU can sometimes forget that we, the audience have hired you to perform a service and yes, you are here to entertain US.

– The expectation to make it all come together is on me. The risk and the financial losses are on me. Hence, MY VIBE, though not the only consideration, is the priority.

I wonder how many tax bills your vibe can take care of.

-During the time in question, I also believe I was playing a lot of new music with controversial content.

New arrangments is not new music, fam.

-I don’t think of Harriet Tubman’s skills as those of a hostess, but rather her relentless dedication to helping people who wanted out of an oppressive paradigm. #IGETOUT

DO. NOT.  Don’t.

-And just to clear up an old urban legend that somehow people still believe, I do not hate white people.

I legit just googled “lauryn hill hates black people” and the only thing I came up with is the article in which you mentioned you do not hate white people.

-Who are you to say I didn’t do enough? Most people are probably just hearing your name for the first time because you dropped MINE in an interview, controversially. Taking nothing away from your talent, but this is a fact.

Well how do you hear music all the way from up there were you look down upon what you deem to be lesser known musicians??????

-What about the image of Black women in hip hop? When exposure and sexualization of the Black female body was the standard, SOMEONE stood up and represented a different image entirely, giving a generation of young women options and alternatives of self-representation. #AMNESIA

This has nothing to do with anything.  No one is negating your contributions.  Dont move the checkers pieces around the chess board, fam.

-Show me an artist working now who hasn’t been directly influenced by the work I put in, and I’ll show you an artist who’s been influenced by an artist who was directly influenced by the work that I put in.

WHAT?  This was straight from the book “Sarah Palin Word Saladstress: How to Confuse People”

-I take rehearsal seriously, I take performance seriously, I take my art seriously.

No, you dont.

-I remix my songs live because I haven’t released an album in several years. There’s a ton of backstory as to why, but there’s no way I could continue to play the same songs over and over as long as I’ve been performing them without some variation and exploration. 

SEE: EVER LIVING PERSON WHO TOURS WITH MUSIC.  I saw Stevie do the Songs in the Key of Life Tour….knew every bop beat for beat, so did my 70 year old mama.

-If I’d had additional music out, perhaps I would have kept them as they were.

Who stopped you from putting additional music out?  Plus earlier in this interview you had said: “During the time in question, I also believe I was playing a lot of new music with controversial content.”  Did ya have new music or nah?

-And the myth that I’m not allowed to play the original versions of my songs is…a myth (anyone who’s seen my current show knows this).

I took my boy to see her round 2011…when we left early  – dazed and confused, he said, “I wish she played exfactor”  I replied, “she did you just didnt recognize it.” Mayhaps something changed since 11….

-As an artist, I’m tasked with bringing a different vibration into the space that transcends this. Not an easy gig but an important one. I can imagine there are people who value this process and don’t mind waiting a little if it means experiencing something inspired.

LOL @ waiting a little…..girl…..hours aint waiting a little.

-Me being late to shows isn’t because I don’t respect my fans or their time, but the contrary, It can be argued that I care too much, and insist on things being right. I like to switch my show up regularly, change arrangements, add new songs, etc.

Oh really?  Remember the fan that you threw out the House of Blues in Chicago, when you were over an hour late? I think he would beg to differ.

-I reject being pigeonholed or pinned down by someone else’s uninformed concept of me.

Glasper has worked with you.  He’s not uninformed.

-The album inspired many people, from all walks of life, because of its radical(intense) will to live and to express Love. I appreciate everyone who was a part of it, in any and every capacity. It wouldn’t have existed the way that it did without the involvement, skill, hard work, and talents of the artists/musicians and technicians who were a part of it, but it still required my vision, my passion, my faith, my will, my soul, my heart, and my story.

The truest shit you’ve ever written…that album means so much to so many people – including this blogger.  From the wop of that thing to the Mary J assist to Zion to Tell Him, I loved it all.  Its the soundtrack to some really solid college memories.  Its my most fervent wish and desire – all snark aside that you find the peace, love and tranquility that led you to share your gift with us in such a loving, lucid respectful way, Queen, for your vision your passion, your faith, your will, your soul. your heart and your story.


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