Powerful Thoughts 5.8

well damn.

did the show we used to all love the hell out of return to form this week? yep! did dumb shit happen yep!  was ghost sporting a poopyface the whole ep? yep! did tariq still make us want to kill him! yep! but at least, despite allalat, we got our show back if ONLY for one week.  Let us bow our heads and read from the book of Power chapter 5 verse 8….I aint gonna keep yall long….

The Student Surpasses the Master

I only paid attention to this theme upon watching courtney kemp during the after show.  she mentioned it specifically while discussing Tariq/Kanan, but I can see some other relationships where it cropped up.  Even tho he was the criminal when they met, I submit to you that Angie is a better criminal than Ghost.  That fool sputtering out “if you fucking give me a minute, I can give you these answers,” while under interrogation from Tasha and Angie was absolutely pathetic.  When you contrast that with the cool demeanor Angie has when up against Mak and the entire fed office, it gives you just a sense of how much of Jamie’s big dick energy has been spent.  Our hero further slips in my estimation when Planmaster J is usurped by Taskmaster TMoney….Tasha was on her game this ep.  She aint give a fuck bout Jamie nor his Dre plan, she had her sights on the one mofo she (rightly) blames for her son and daughter’s demise, Kanan.  And what a beautiful plan it was…plant the murder weapon and her ‘missing’ son on Kanan and call the cops on dat ass….brilliant…Ghost could never…We also have Keisha, letting Tasha know she aint as stupid as Tasha treats her like she AND she can make an meal enough to impress some old skool EYE-talians.  Christobal seems to have supassed dre, I mean Mr. Coleman on bullshitting the bullshitters with his casket sharp suit and tales of promoting parties on South Beach….almost everyone was making moves this week for the sole purpose of teaching their teachers, that they are no longer, the proverbial, one.

Tariq, Tareek, Tarik

sound like something you catch on ya feet! Sorry…had to.  This shit head has done it again…and by it, I mean inspire murderous rage in us….especially Kanan, but more on that later….he’s still stomping around, complaining that his father will do anything for his family and his freedom, that his whole family is some liars, that angela broke his family apart, that wah wah wah, lawd someone shut this child up.  He stands up in his black ass mama’s face and tells her that she a fucking, something, i really dont remember cuz I was busy visualizing what color my mother would have dressed me in at my funeral if I ever in my cotton pickin life talked to her the way he was standing up talking to her in HER HOUSE.  My mother backhanded and forehanded slapped me once for running up a long distance phone bill, so I cant even imagine what she would do if i used the word ‘fucking’ at her.  Anyhoo Kanan sets his defacto son up with some drugs and this boneheaded child doesnt really understand that you have to pay for drugs and that you have to be on the look out for niggas trying to get over aka giving you fake money – a situation he rectified in a way that made his playdaddy proud.  He went to a meet with the Sonny? Sammy? and his Choate level Italian proved useful in helping kanan understand what was being said about him. But where he really stood out was carrying his mother and her wife in law’s plan to fruition….somehow, someway, osmosis perhaps, he plants the gun that was used to kill Ray-Ray in Kanan’s trunk, and lets his mother know his 20, so that she can sic the cops on our soon to be departed…..


I dont think a number of us fully appreciate how we are gonna miss this grandma murderer, his bubble denim coats, and his one liners.  Kanan literally made me laugh out loud several times this week. Telling Tommy and Ghost that diego’s head was in the bag.  That ghost be making him feel like a kid.  That Tariq aint learning shit.  That he shoulda took a DNA test to determine whether Shawn was his kid or not.  Pure comedy….til it wasn’t.  After having a heart to heart with Tariq, about the circumstances that lead to Shawn’s death and his own paternal feelings about his young shitheaded protege, who he says he would never kill, Tasha’s plan kicks into high gear – the police are behind them.  He tells Tariq in ZERO uncertain terms that he is NOT going back to jail and he was NOT lying.  Upon searching the trunk the police find a gun that appears more magically than that one bullet that hit JFK 18 times. The police ask Tariq if he is being held against his will, as his mother’s call suggests and with a heavy heart, yet clear eyes, he says yes….its probably the one time I’ve seen Kanan genuinely hurt, but that pain is fleeting cuz this man is a true life killer. As the cuff is being placed on him, he uses his free hand to take out the arresting officer, and bout 10 more cops summarily, with one managing to get a body shot off in return…he walks up on one to deliver the kill shot and looks Tariq dead in the face while doing so.  I could smell the shit forming in the colon of our young St. Patrick.  Keeping his word, leaves Tariq alive, takes off in one of the cop car, before careening into a tree…blood spilling from his mouth…Ladies and gents, our Kanan is dead, who bringing the ‘tata salad to the repass?

Myalogy Minutes:

  • The feds got a full gangland style corkboard up in the office talmbout “dont tell angie”  FOH.
  • Proctor, file the harassment charges already…dang.
  • Tasha should been on that nigga tariqs back like a howler monkey up and down that damn hallway when he sassed her.
  • Why do Tommy and Ghost waste spaces of script dialogue saying how they dont trust each other…we get it.
  • This tommy/keisha relationship is some bull.
  • How is Tariq allowed to have doors and free reign and shit in his parents home.
  • Ghosts’s full beard is life affirming.  AMIRITE LADIES?
  • Keisha asked the best question of this series “how you got me?” Everybody be talmbout they got somebody when these folks dont even have themselves.
  • Angela, stop looking so smug, you may have handled blanca, but the whole office is out to get you.
  • Why did they put the head at the club as opposed to his home or car.
  • Ghost aint NEVER EVER where the fuck he posed to be and he doesnt even have the courtesy to tell his meet ups where he at.  #RUDE
  • When proctor implicated angela in convo with the feds, why were they sitting round looking shocked?  She’s up on that big ass tackboard in the boss’s office.


Im assuming next week Tommy finds out that Confidential Informant is italian for Tony Teresi….cant wait for that.

whatchall think?







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