Powerful Thoughts 5.2

Today’s Myalogy is dedicated to Kanan’s bubble denim coat, one of the only things to make it make sense on this here show of ours…..thine eyes have not seen…

A Mother’s Grief

I’ve never really been a fan of hers, but at this point in the landscape of the show, Tasha is becoming my favorite.  She is honestly and truly going the thru the very real emotions of loss.  She dont like her son, like we dont.  She dont wanna be bothered with Ghost and his bullshit, like we, or I mean, I DO NOT.  How fucking dry would you be after your husband asking you to do a press conference that may lead to your son’s incarceration.  Ghost knows all of this, yet still tried to sell her that mess.  He knows what position that may put all of them, including his beloved Angie, who he is drunk dialing again – barf, in.  He refuses to see his wife’s need for something. He cant enter Raina’s room, but he doesnt realize she can’t leave it.  He doesnt want her talking to a grief group, which she badly needs, but would put her out on front street with a fucking press conference.  Its so real to me, how she struggles with being around her son.  She loves him, obvi, but blames him for her daughter’s death.  I honestly think she is less concerned about Tariq and his safety, than she just dont wanna see his face anymore.  Yet and still, she is running  around town handling business meeting Angela in VERY public places, assuring that her son is safe, trying to get her husband to recognize the true enemy of their family, and somehow keeping that weave in tact while Ghost is off playing Ghostman, dispenser of vigilante justice.  Worst of all, her husband has put her in the unenviable position of being able to confide in only one person….his hoe.  WHADAFUCK.

The Keystone AUSAs

How do ANY of these people have jobs?  Everytime they are on screen discussing their latest hair brained scheme, I get instant agita.  I could have sworn SOMEONE in charge told them to stay away from James St Patrick after that whole Greg thing, but here they are attempting to build a case with an EARwitness that was under extreme duress.  These mofos done broke down the street type, cobblestone; the loading dock location, Truth, and have made the inexplicable but very real possibility that Ghost killed a mofo during his club opening.  And this is the shit they wanna take to trial, not to mention the sisyphean task of trying to take Angela down. And speaking of that, why is that a thing all of a sudden.  That black boss lady is operating under Nancy Pelosi levels of anti women ID EST MAXINE WATERS fuckery, by promoting Angela, then colluding with the boys to take her down all because she didnt answer a call with the very real reason of being sleep. Why do you all of a sudden not believe in Angela, Nancy Blacklosi?  HUH WHY?  Saxe?  Couldnt be.  Mak?  NOPE, cuz you woulda promoted him over her when you had the chance.  This is why yall cant win nice cases….cuz yall stupid.

Tommy’s Lights Are On, but Is Anybody Home? 

Speaking of dumb shit….he had to know hiring those hitters without Vincent’s approval was gonna come back to bite him, but he didnt it anyway, like he aint the literal red headed step child of the family.  Like he aint JUST show up on the scene.  Why not just get permission from their boss.  He may have known their greatest weapons were tablecloths and nixed the idea.  He’s been so busy with Ghost and Tariq and Dre, he forgot his real white daddy Jason and all his dope he fucking up and not securing nor selling.  Gifted with telepathy like everyone else on this show, Jason just happens to pull up the exact moment and the exact place were our fearless trio has convened.  He lets Tommy know that his shipment never came in and gets a brief intro to the Jimenez who he immediately states must die at Tommy’s hand, Ghost’s hand, and old friend Kanan’s hand’s just cuz he happened to be standing there at the time.

Other things happened, many other things, like Ghost killing a drunk driver, but there were too many, lets just move on to the…….

Myalogy Minutes.

  • Hey two dead serb dudes, how yall think yall was gonna outshoot 3 people with three semi automatic’s when yall had two civil war pistols.  Just dumb.
  • Keisha, how good – exactly, do you rate your puss that you thought tommy was gonna dime out his peoples?
  • And since we speaking maam, if you and tommy was both present at Raina’s birth, why yall ack like yall just met?
  • First, Lobos, now Diego….why all the connects so freaky?
  • Silver is, and remains, a bitch
  • In what world but Power, would Mak think Attorney Turtle would flip on his clients and would that even be legal or ethical?
  • If memory serves, Ghost knows where the Jimenez siblings be at…didnt he go to their crib before?
  • Tasha, I beseech you, in the name of all that is holy and unholy, on behalf of us all: SEND TARIQ TO CHOATE.
  • Why didnt they get the white hitter a doctor sooner?  What was all that, we’ll be back with the doc later fuckery?
  • Glasses was back…I like glasses.  Spanky what dey call’em.
  • Why would Tasha and Ghost not attend grief counseling at their own family church, as opposed to the opportunist church?
  • Oh Shit, Jamie back on the sauce…yall do remember he has a drinking problem, right?
  • Dre needs to get rid of his #2, just like Ghost should have gotten rid of his ass.
  • Ghost needs to introduce Alderman Larenz to his killer clothes.  What the fuck does he have over Ghost?
  • How the fuck the crystal ball crew aka the AUSA’s know Teresi is Tommy’s dad?
  • Tommy had that two piece coming.
  • Dre, like most people on this show is so easy to get to.
  • With her proclaiming in the previews, that Kanan needs to die and she’ll do it herself, is Tasha becoming the most gangsta on the show?
  • Block his # Angie, so I know its real.

What yall think?




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