Powerful Thoughts 5.1

Yall know who it is, and yall know what it is!  It’s time to recap our fave show with our fave characters (and some not so fave) doing dumb things!  Get the strap!  Its Powerful Thoughts!

Firstly, I’d like to say I very much enjoyed the orchestral rendition of Big Rich Town as a prelude to the episode.  For those of you with so much time and extraneous money on your hands that you considered going to see ol Curtis at Ravinia, is this what you are expecting? If so, I’m very excited for you.

Angie Gonna Ang

Why dis woman had to be the first person I see on my screen Sunday morning at 12:00:00 ante meridian?  I swear fo gawd, this chick I cannot abide.  And then to have her worst most horrid acts countdown shown immediately thereafter?  Someone hates me.  No matter how much dumb, illegal, bass ackward shit she does, she always seems to fall up.  For one of the most powerful law enforcement officers on the east coast or whatever someone called her, she sure does step in it a lot.  WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY are you showing up at RayRays?  And then right after that, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY you go straight to the St. Patrick residence? Did you leave your gps on while enroute? You should be going >>>>>>>>>That way, yet here you are, saying dumb shit like “You want me to bury the records?”  YEAH BITCH! That’s exactly what Tasha wants you to do and what you should WANT TO DO TO SAVE YOURSELF.  All them will she/wont she hit “confirm” scenes was really crute, but if they go down, you go down, so click the damn button.  I swear if this chick don’t end up dead or in jail by the end of this show, it’s a trick to it.

Tariq Gonna Riq

This muthafucka here.  Fooled me briefly, I am woman enough to admit.  Or maybe I just had high hopes for that water headed fucka, but he is who he is.  Due to the time of day I watched this ep, I’m not quite remembering the first scene we saw him, but I know his parents FINALLY got around to being in this nigga’s bidness.  Asking him questions.  How he know folks.  Why he know folks.  Why his sister aint tell his mama stuff.  Ghost giving him the “nigga, I know you heard me face” right before snatching dat ass up in the hall way, a one two combo, I am more than familiar with growing up with my black ass mama during the smell myself decade of the 90s.  GET. HIS. ASS.  GHOST.  GET. HIS. ASS.  Next time deposit that forearm, STRAIGHT to the Adams apple.  Incapacitate his ass for a moment. Steal his air. Show’em you will snatch his life.  Despite, his solemn remorse during most of the episode and his declaration that he’s not a kid anymore, he’s just a dumb lil shit doing dumb little shit things.  He offers to eulogize Raina, against his parents better wishes and gets up there offering some mealy mouth platitudes and shit you see ol girl you hated in algebra post on her trite boring assed faux inspirational Instagram.  Mid eulogy, prompted by Tommy’s OUT LOUD ANNOUCEMENT – lol what? – that the hitters had Dre in their sight, he breaks down and makes a bee line for the bathroom, so he can text his real family – Dre – to run!  And just like that, any mistaken goodwill I had for this little bitch evaporated into the ether.

Dre gonna Ghost

Remember when Jamie used to be smart and shit would happen and we all were like how he gonna get out of this one and he got out of that one and we were all like dis nigga smart!  Well now that title belongs to Dre.  And Ghost even said as much, after their ill-fated 3 stooges attempt  on ambushing him, he said some shit like “I woulda seen it coming”, yeah nigga, you WOULD HAVE.  Now that you have no one to drain the blood from either head, it’s time to start using your big head on a more consistent basis.  Yall got crews but ran up on a man that co-opted and stole your whole organization, with just the three of yall and an arm cannon.  How Kanan conveniently knew when to arrive on a driveway that was conveniently there is totes beyond me, but hey, most things on this show are.  So now the man know yall coming for him, but Kanan has a bright idea, send the black crew AND the white crew, which reportedly has the hardest killers in the game.  It’s a can’t lose proposition, unless the hardest killers hardest weapons are two white sheets, which are NOT impervious to bullets.  Two white sheets – not one punch, a glass to the head, not an Acme© anvil dropping out the sky, just two white sheets.  Thanks to Tariq’s warning, Dre is somewhat prepared to get outta the spot and shoots the white boys and their sheets before fleeing to the Jimenez for protection.  Gifted with sight beyond sight, Dre KNOWS that Ghost is gonna be a Raina’s grave – ALONE – 10 hours after the funeral and steps to him with the Jimenez card.  If anything happens to Dre, Ghost will be at this cemetery again, either as a visitor or a resident.

Myalogy Minutes

  • Tasha’s weave budget continues to increase!  YAY HAIR!
  • Why Lala gotta act so damn daft all the damn time.  Your friends are criminals and you really need to ask why they need alibis.  C’mon Fam.
  • “You set me on fire nigga, not the other way around.”
  • This whole earwitness thing is stupid.  Let’s not drag this out.
  • Ghost talkin bout how Raina’s funeral was an opportunity was gross as fuck. If I was Tasha, I’d never get wet for this nigga again.
  • Tasha, Ghost? It doesn’t have to be Dre or Kanan’s fault.  It can be both, I assure you.
  • This show don’t need not one more annoying Latinx cop. Blanca Rodriguez, I’m talking bout you.
  • Tommy’s bitch so BLUE.  *ICY*
  • Attorney Turtle continues to bring me joy and shades the fuck out of Angie.  He don’t want your help. He don’t like u.  I don’t like u.  We don’t like you.  Nobody likes you!
  • The ghost breakdown was a welcomed scene, nice to see someone register her death.
  • Big Mama returned!
  • These police on this show have an uncanny ability to see business cards other law enforcement officers leave at folks homes.  This has been done at least twice before this latest instance.
  • Tasha, don’t hoe at your daughters funeral…its unseemly.
  • Jamie created and welcomed and forced dre into his life; he deserves his punishment.
  • Did I see JAMES with a full beard and some 360s in dat preview?  MERCY!

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