Powerful Thoughts 5.3

last week, I wanted to start the post with a joke bout how this show is juggling more balls than black chyna, but thats slut shaming so……………..

This week is all about T and A, and for all my T lovers, y’all winning! Sorry A people….imma need yall to level up like me and Ciara and get ya minds out the gutta…in this case the T’s are Tommy and Tasha and the A’s are Angela and Andre, ya filthy animals.  Lets start with the winners…shall we?


Our boy seems back in some sort of good form this week…his brain seems to be firing on all cylinders and he aint with the shits.  Firstly, he made me L the F out L when he asked Ghost why the fuck he cant stay off the tv.  Good question.  He’s paying attention to his job responsibilites ie focusing on how to get Jason them ends.  He agrees to let Kanan in on the shipment, but ONLY if he pays first.  He showed loyalty to Tasha when he chased after her leaving his apartment and most importantly, he got them antennas up on Teresi doing his best Father Knows Best impersonation.  He knows something is awry, cuz why he wanna be family after all this time; and why he wanna play catch now; and why he talking all nice on the phone; and he had forever to snitch, so flipping dont make no sense…oy vey! Tommy is just as confused as I am bout his old man and at least that proves he’s thinking, which has been in dispute since he choked out Holly.


“….nigga you betta kill me.” Come on thru mama bear….Tasha is not with any of the shits, not with her husband and his fuckery, not with Kanan putting his hands on her nor her kid, nor with Tommy not showing and proving he is HER family, like the countless times she’s proven she is his.  She absofuckinlutely correct about them not killing kanan.  He is directly responsible for the ruination of her son and the death of her daughter….and these fools sitting up playing pool together, calling each other cute nicknames and going for burritos.  Nah fam…kill this nigga and bury him in that denim bubble coat or dont, just kill him.  While Ghost is running round fucking some chick and Tommy is getting his mama high, this woman is dealing with her grief, protecting her son from the cops, colluding with her husbands ex-heaux, and breaking thru and connecting with her son in a scene that gave me all the feels, and some questions…why they arriving at Choate in the middle of the night and why Ghost aint there dropping his kid off at school? Plus she developed a heightened case of ESP, but more on that later…..

on to the losers….


In the last paragraph I called her a heaux, in this one she just a straight up hoe and a dumb one at that.  This woman and her box is bringing all the feds to the yard.  First Latin agent asks her if she’s fucking Diego Jimenez, as if that wasnt enough of a drag.  Then one of his underlings just happens to be in town, happens to bump into her, happens to mention his boss was talmbout her last week and THEN he invites her to dinner where he strains the fact that he’s only here one night.  Maam? Why the fuck are you at this dinner? With a complete stranger? And why when La Latin Cop Lady is all up in your kool-aid are you focused on anything other than her? Yet here you are post dinner in your skivvies, bout to give it up to a nigga that dont give a fuck bout you or your job.  Your two niggas ago nigga died, and then your last nigga ended up on death row and almost took you down with him. He wont stop blowing up your phone and he got you sharing tea and scones with the woman he would leave for you….its okay to take a chill pill and stuff it straight up your vag, fam.


Everybody like everybody more than they like you dre.  Kanan dont like you.  Ghost dont like you.  Tommy dont like you.  Tasha dont like you.  Glasses and Killer dont like you.  I doubt Christobal really likes you and we know for damn sure that Diego dont like your ass.  At this point, if you got shot, it would be a murder mystery.  You gonna die this season, but the only question is who will have done it?  You are losing a serious grip on your organization, even the black contingency.  Diego is speaking Spanish directly to Christobal, a skill you should have as a dope boy in NYC, which is a sure sign he dont respect you and you cant do shit about it except push glasses on the way out after being dismissed.  Poor tink tink, dont feel good to get usurped does it?

and now on to the MVP


Did anyone have a better week than extra sensory perception? It lead Tasha to discover that her husband murdered someone she couldnt have thought he had any reason to murder.  It lead Angela to discover that La Jimenez was part of the organization, which she pulled right out her ass.  That ESP, I gotta get me some of that.  ESP is life.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • Did anyone else feel sexy when Kanan robbed Christobal?  Just me? Fine.
  • I honestly forgot Truth was still Jamies.
  • I honestly also never considered the ramifications of Raina’s murder, like the actual police investigation.  I like it being included in the story line.
  • Dre and his boys look like “Our Gang” walking up in the spot…aint nobody scared of Spanky and Alfalfa.
  • Can anyone hit me up and tell me how the Feds know Teresi is Tommy’s dad?  Was it on his birth certificate?
  • Its horrible that the police consider sad dad a suspect in drunk drivers murder.
  • Angela said “Im supposed to be this great prosecutor”  WHO TOLD HUH DAT?
  • Lala so pretty.
  • Keisha?  My momma said she always see you with some dope boy she she dont never see you with yo son.  *Cardi Meme*
  • Ghost told Tasha right…you forgot he was a killer?  How you think he was gonna become the biggest god damn drug dealer in new york without dropping some bodies, boo?
  • Full Disclosure: im a bit light in the Hispanic hierachy/murder story line…Uriel? Dont even know who that is really or why he was killed.
  • Diego gonna rip out Dre’s eyes and choke him with them? Thats harsh, Diego.
  • Who invited who to dinner?  Did Fancy invite Ghost or did Ghost invite Fancy and if she invited him, she also invited his dick, so why she mad he used it?
  • Black fed gonna flip on Angie burying La Lady Cop’s case, right?
  • Tasha and Tariq’s scene hurt my lil feelings.
  • A Tommy and his mama scene.  She did that coke right then and there, so touching.  I <3 their tender moments.
  • Donald J. Christobal needs to lay off the spray tan.


Whatchall think?


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  1. I appreciate your weekly perspective of humor and education. I anticipated a more in-depth reaction to Fancy’s evening encounter. ?

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