Powerful Thoughts 6.12 – Paz Be Still

Seriously Paz, be still. Stopping running all over town with a gun in your bag, in a big ass coat that gotta have you stankin, making ugly faces….shits unseemly, b.


After such a phenomenal mid season debut, we have this fucking stinker of an episode. I dont even know where or more importantly why to start this recap, but I should warn you, if you liked it, just gone and share this post and leave, cuz this aint for you.

"Am I gonna get to go back to school"
"I am gonna kill Ghost!"
"Am I gonna get to go back to school"
" "I am gonna kill Ghost!"
"Am I gonna get to go back to school"
"I am gonna kill Ghost!"
"Am I gonna get to go back to school"
"Someone killed ghost"
"So now do I get to go back to school"
......and now you have experienced the entire show.

Sadly, I dont have much else to add other than the following random thoughts, which really could be added to Myalogy Minutes, so let’s just get right to it.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • What is it with these Valdez women thinking they can show up to Tasha’s home? Be workin on my nerves with that shit.
  • Thank goodness, USA DA or whatever his title is Goldenblatt said something bout taking down Saxe Trump, who apparently does whatever he wants without impunity.
  • Paz needed a better hiding place for that gun with a young man and a demented man in her home.
  • Titi’s nephew: DO YOU EVEN CARE THAT YOUR AUNT WAS MURDERED or do you just want to be able to go back to school? I think we got our answer.
  • Paz, what was the point of ruining Angela’s reputation? Oh right, it was pointless…just like this episode.
  • Um scuse me FBI man, shouldnt you be handing the file with Angie’s phone info on it to, um, I dont know, THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL and not the dead woman’s sister?
  • One would think after multiple shootings at Truth, Jamie woulda got some metal detectors up in that camp.
  • Detective Rosie Perez just knew when and where to roll up on Paz to deliver some bad news. Thats some good detectin!
  • Paz ran straight to her sisters killer to ask him to kill her sisters killer. We love to see it.
  • NYC aint got conceal and carry, they got conceal and reveal. I saw that gun out and exposed – ALOT.
  • Thanks Team Power Writers for wasting our time watching Paz following Jamie around Truth.
  • Just close the whole damn US Attorney’s office, since EVERYONE gets fired from there. All their cases should be overturned at this point.
  • Seeing Detective Rosie Perez with that black eye just gives me joy – calm down, it wasnt a domestic injury, ladies.
  • So all this time, Paz been worried bout the money and we know where her kids mind has been and all of that, to turn down the money – bitch please.
  • Why Tasha have that Michael Jackson jacket on?
  • and OOOOOOOOOOOOOH Tasha, why you snitching on Tommy?
  • Tommy done gave Paz a full body convulsion by movin out on her.
  • Speaking of Tommy, I miss him. Where he at?

3 episodes and 5 suspects left….whatchall think?

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  1. Also we out here making the decision to exhume bodies, exhuming them, and then having our own funeral service for the reburial within 24 hours. What city department is in charge of that?

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