Snowflakes 4.9 – Sleeping Dogs

Everybody shoulda let those aforementioned sleeping dog lie.

Manboy shoulda let his desire for the plug lie.

Lady Journo shoulda let her desire for the story lie.

Khadijah, as hard as it may have been, shoulda let her desire to murder Luhlee lie.

I ended the last recap asking WHO yall think gonna die. The correct question should have been WHO ALL yall think gonna die.

The LA County Coroner had his hands quite busy due to The Saint and his people. What was the final body count, fifty-leven? A hunna milli? Shole felt like it. Lets shovel this snow, shall we?!

Lady Journo: Didn’t we done told this heffa to stand down? Didn’t Teddy Reed and his CIA boys? So after that this bitch, sorry, bih, wanna go on a radio show with Alton goofass….FAH WHA? What was going on that transistor radio assed show gonna do? Nothing….cept make the CIA neutralize the target. And so smooth too. She thought Teddy Reed was gonna give her his whole life over dranks. Now look at her. A victim of drunk driving….at least thats how the whole world is gonna see it. RIP Lady Journalist. You picked the wrong team boo!

Khadijah vs. The Saint: pride goeth before a fall….or something similar, so the Bible states. And this lady took a damn fall for your ass. I have nothing bad to say about this woman. Her child was figuratively ripped from her arms, while literally in her arms and if that drives a person to their own death, so be it. She was so singular in focus that she lets some roosters in the henhouse and she got fucked. Diamond and Silk were going to highest bidders, and thats where she loses ground with The Saint. She went in that door ready to muck Luhlee and got the whammy put on her. Luhlee, bless his heart, he tried to explain to her, to have a talk to her, to convey to her that he really didn’t mean it – how sorry he was. Khadijah wasn’t trying to hear that and if lee let her out that room, she woulda never stopped coming for him. Unc knew it and blasted her right in the mid of Lees moment with her. Cue scene of skully grieving yet another person he loved without measure. Somebodys gotta answer for that. That man crazy.

Manboy vs. The Saint: Mya’s Note: This parts gonna hurt to write. I know im in the minority here, but I am a Manboy STAN, you hear me? I love Manboy. But got damn yall aint lying when yall talk bout that mouth of his, which he literally ran til his last breath. He’s smart as fuck, but not as smart as The Saint. He arrives at Tallahassee and tells her to open up – he know she at home cuz he can smell the pink moisture….an instant olfactory throwback if ever. She complies, they spar briefly over her trying to set him up. They tussle, she stabs him, he’s about to shoot her til The Saint and crew step in and sho, shoo, well yall saw what happened. But my mans stayed a g til the end….talk yo shit Manboy! At least you and all your boys kicking it at the same time in disco heaven.


So what’s Tallahassee gonna do now? Will she now be in fear for her life for killing Manboy? what she gonna tell the police bout his dead boys outside? Do I even really care? NOPE. Always hated her.

Alton, so you see Lady Journo was killed on the news and you grabbing your members only to go where and do what? I mean really. Stop it.

Unc <3, who I assumed from his reactions, was a first time killer during the Skully/Manboy shoot out, has developed quite a taste for murder. He walked up with no hesitation on Manboy’s crew and shot the shit out of Khadijah.

Also Unc vs. The Saint coulda been a topic on its on with the beatdown unc put on ol Franklin, but it was worth it in the end.

So its finale night….its pretty clear that teddy reed wants alton dead….and im not so certain that Franklin feels differently. Is Cissy gonna bolt? Is someone from The Saints gonna get it…im so fearful they will! We know Louis is safe, but dats bout it.

Shoults out to Wanda for getting clean and returning to the fold!

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