Snowflakes 4.10 Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight? Seems like alot of our favorites will be making that stress response, cuz lordT if there aint alot of stress in this episode.

Lets start shoveling, folks.

Alton vs. The System: Well we all now know where Alton and his Members only jacket were running off too. He went back to COINTELPRO RADIO to report on Lady Journo’s death. He is talking cash money shit on this show….even gave out Reed’s alias. Talking bout they done messed with the wrong black man….OKAAAAAAAY. Again this is the C, the I and the A and I do not know what that agency does nor do I ever want to be in their company, much like most police departments in this shithole country, I digress….He ends up back at The Saint home where he encounters his son who has been on a mad dash to find out where his father is….they are discussing Alton’s betrayal when they get a surprise visitor, who we will discuss in greater detail in his own section. Be patient, the news of the shoot out is right down below. I guess turnabout is fair play cuz two episodes after getting pistol whipped by his own son, Alton cold cocked The Saint to steal his pager to connect with Reed. He meets with Reed and is bout to get blasted to high heaven when The Saint and Cissy arrive….they beg for his life, in exchange for him fleeing the country never to be seen again. Reed acquiesces and Alton and Cissy ease on down the road to Havana. They are living a life of bliss…him reading and her wearing sundresses and making that thang THANG. One afternoon, her and her donk bid Alton adieu to visit a flea market before she seemingly returns to grab something. Alton turns towards the door to see Reed, in his fanciest Havana resort wear…. RIP Alton…..Im SURE your son is gonna ride for you.

Skully vs. The Saints: Soon as we saw Skully cradling his second lost loves head we knew it was gonna go down. He’s out for Saint blood, be it Franklin, Louie, Cissy, Jerome, Luhlee, hell the ghost of Andre….if it was close to The Saint ever, Skully wants them dead. He arrives at The Saint home as Alton and The Saint are chopping it up and one of them, I believe Alton, gets the drop on him, well his side or something. A wounded Skully escapes and heads for his next target….Louie’s hospital room. She’s laying in bed when Skully enters guns drawn demanding to know where Jerome is. Louie lies and says he left, but Skully sees Jerome’s jacket and knows she’s lying. Louie appeals to Skully’s sensibilities – yeah he got some – and tells him this cycle of violence won’t end if he kills her. He softens and Jerome appears and gets the drop on him. Is Skully dead? Who knows. But Louie and Jerome live to see another day and that makes me happy.

The Saint vs. The Saints: His house is in total disarray. His hoe was a hoe. His mother is gone to Cuba with Alton. Louie and Jerome come to him fresh from the hospital telling him they wanna strike out on their own. He pushes back on them, tries reason, tries fear tactics, tries out and out disrepect, but they have had enough of Franklins leadership, especially Louie. She knows her worth and she wants to be free to do things her, I mean their way. Shortly after, The Saint is sitting with Luhlee telling him how wrong his aunt and uncle are before he gets another bomb dropped on him. Lee wants out, he’s killed a child and counts himself responsible for countless other deaths. Franklin aint having it….after all he feels he’s lost for Lee, (although a strong argument could be made that Lee’s lost just as much due to Franklin). He tells him he aint going no where. He’s gonna get Louie and Jerome back in the fold and they are all gonna be a family again. Poor Luhlee….at least take him on a vacation, Franklin!

The Saint vs. The Cane: The last scene of season 4 brings us to a full circle moment. The Saint finds his way down to Odessa, TX to meet the former love of his life/attempted murderess/former crack addict, Melanie. He goes to tell her how her homey Lady Journo is six feet under and warns her that she could be next if she keeps talking. He asks if she has anything to say to him and she does: did you kill my daddy, Franklin? To which he replies, Bye Mel. He turns and walks towards the door, before stopping at a chair. Did anyone else think he was gonna blast Mel? Just me? Fine….ur smarter than me then. He cooly drops his ever present cane on the back of the chair and pimps on to season 5.


For a black panther, Alton is a terrible shot.

Anyone else think the plane Alton and Cissy departed on was gonna blow up?

Jerome shoulda rushed Skully as soon as saw him with the gun on Louie.

Oso finds Lady Edward James Olmos. I guess Chile. Don’t care.

Did Franklin look particularly ashy this episode? Was that on purpose? Don’t do it again directors.

So I think I’m gonna do a Snowfall Flashback Recap series for those that wanna watch the show from the beginning or for folks like me who just wanna stay on a steady writing binge.


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  1. So my only question was who was Franklin pointing the gun at, Alton or Reed b4 the parentals agreed to flee the country.

    1. BOTH! lol…I think at first it was alton, and then when reed pulled his gun, Franklin turned the gun on him…I THINK!

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