Kanan Concepts 1.1

So that title could be a work in progress….im not sure about it, but Im a sucka for alliteration. Here we go!

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate myself for recapping a show after the very first ep. If you follow me, you know that has never happened, so YAY MYA.

Moving on…initial thoughts…..RAQUEL IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! And she is officially my favorite mom of the Power series. Tasha was dumb and limited. Monet don’t give a fuck bout her kids, but Raq….she wants better for her son and realizes she is powerless in changing who he is, so she gives in. Good? Nah, but at least she cared enough to try. Plus she is without hips like your favorite blogger and anytime I see a black woman who aint built like a Minotaur on teevee, I get amped.

This premiere ep was all about introductions and establishing characters, so this recap will attempt to do the same. The main thrust of this ep, was that Raq is a boss, who was bequeathed power by her dead baby daddy or her now dead boyfriend…honestly can’t remember, but she’s it, so thats all you need to know. She has some brothers who are clearly gonna complicate her life, probably in a similar way that her son did in this first ep. As soon as I saw them sitting in that diner, with all them windows, I said to my intended, a shootout is a coming….and didn’t it come. It was a warning to Raq from a rival dealer, Unique, which Raq understood, but Kanan did not. Raq met with Unique to dead the beef and carve out territory. Bet. Kanan still took that shit personal and snuffed out his romantic rival, Buck when he saw him on what he thought was Raq’s territory, which lead to Uniques folks shooting up Raq and Kanans’s abode. Although furious with him, this leads Raq to understand her son is a soldier not a student and she gives in to his desire to be part of their criminal enterprise, And thus begins the narrative push of this story, the third book of Power: Raising Kanan.

Myalogy Minutes:

  • The music and fashions are top notch! Sergio Tacchini suit anyone? YESSSSSSS
  • They really want white people on these shows. I can go with the publicist, but Jukeboxx’s girlfriend is a stretch
  • The Power team aint gonna be happy til I call PETA on them. First Milan (I think) killed Tommy’s dog and now Raq done nuked Bella?
  • Shouts out to the old Dorito bag.
  • Raq and Symphony is giving me strong Monet and Latino cop vibes
  • Is Symphony also fucking white publicist lady?
  • The opening song aint as strong as Big Rich Town, but it uses a Mary Jane Girls sample, so I won’t always fast forward thru it.

See yall next week!

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